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Woodland Learning 2021 - 2022

Woodland Learning Leaders- Gill Hancox

Woodland Learning Assistant - Andrea Fairclough 

What is Woodland Learning?

It is an approach to education that makes use of the outdoor environment to create a unique learning vehicle.

Woodland Learning sessions provide increasingly diverse opportunities for children to benefit from a supportive curriculum that can help children build positive values and attitudes about themselves, about learning and the environment in which they live. Children are given appropriately challenging and achievable tasks that build their confidence, skills and independence and are given time to thoroughly explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships. This time and reflective practice develops inter and intra-personal skills, which are well documented as being directly linked to learning skills.

Woodland Learning helps to enhance learning, increase self esteem, independence, risk taking, language and much more. The staff, by observing and working with the children when appropriate, will allow them to explore their own preferred learning styles while developing a lifelong love and understanding of the natural environment. Through carefully planned activities, children from all year groups can take part, enabling them to excel in all areas of their personal, academic and spiritual development.


Further details of our Woodland Learning offering can be found in our School Community Section or click here 


Woodland Learning Timetable 

Here is this terms Woodland Learning timetable.


Woodland Skills 

This term children will be learning how to tie various knots.   See below instructions for your child to look at an practice.   There are also some useful knot tying instruction videos at the bottom of this page.



Woodland Wear Uniform 

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for Woodland Learning days.    As the unpredictable nature of the whether means even in warmer months, we can experience heavy rainfal or low temperatures, please ensure your child arrives at school with the most appropriate clothing for the weather on that day. 

Below is a list of uniform items your child will need to protect their clothes during Woodland Learning lessons.   Being correctly dressed means your child is free to enjoy and explore as much as possible.   


Spring / Summer Months   Autumn / Winter Months 
Waterproof drawstring bag contining wellies*  Waterproof drawstring bag contining wellies*
Waterproof overclothing**  Waterproof overclothing**
Tracksuit (joggers & jumper/hoodie)***  Tracksuit (joggers & jumper/hoodie)***
Waterproof overclothing**  Hat & Gloves 

As determined by weather 

Suncream   Base layers to keep children warm
Sun hat   Additional fleece, outerlayer and socks


* children should not arrive at school wearning wellies and should attend wearing appropriate footwear with a bag containing their wellies to change into toprevent the spread of mud throughout school.  

** recommended waterproof clothing

*** due to the nature of woodland learning, older tracksuits/joggers are acceptable as they can become soiled and messy 

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