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Year 1 1JR 2020 - 2021

Mrs Jones

Mrs Rigg

Year 1 2020 - 2021

Welcome to 1JR

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones / Mrs Rigg

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Donaldson / Mrs Murphy

Class expectations:

  • Homework is on a needs basis and will go out on Fridays via Purple Mash online learning.Your childs username and password will be located in their reading record.
  • Spellings go out on TBA and will be tested the following TBA
  • Reading books will be . Please read every night with your child. Reading books will be collected in on Mondays and go out on a Thursday.  For the time being, to allow quarantining of books, books will not be changed daily. Please read every night with your child

Code of Conduct:

We will be looking at three character traits: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  Any children following our code of conduct will be presented with ‘Dojo points’ which will enable them to receive a reward. Any children breaking any part of the code of conduct will be given a warning, which may be followed by a sanction. At TPS we have a code of conduct that all children are expected to follow. We need your support to implement this.

Our Curriculum this term (Autumn term):

  • English – ‘Rapunzel
  • Maths – We’ll be launching an exciting new scheme called ‘Maths, No Problem’.
  • Science – Materials
  • History – Explores - Christopher Coloumbas / Neil Armstrong
  • Geography – Our Local Area
  • Computing – Digital Literacy
  • P.E – Gymnastics and Invasion Games
  • R.E. – Harvest and Here comes Christmas
  • Music – Old Skool Hip Hop
  • PSHE – Relationships and Health and Wellbeing

Woodland Learning

We are very excited to be introducing ‘Woodland Learning’, where children will be learning a range of new skills in our forest every week. Our session is on a Friday morning and we would like the children to make the most of every session whatever the weather, so they will need to be appropriately dressed. Please make sure your child wears a tracksuit on your ‘Woodland Learning Day’:  They will also need to bring in waterproof clothes in a waterproof, draw-string bag and wellington boots. As the weather becomes colder, they may also want to bring an extra jumper/fleece, an extra pair of warm socks, waterproof gloves and a warm hat.


P.E is Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).  It is essential that your child wears appropriate clothing for P.E.  It is advised that you wear maroon jogging bottoms and a school jumper for the outside session. For the indoor session, you must wear black shorts and burgundy t-shirt. Black pumps or trainers must be worn for both sessions. Girls may also need to have a pair of socks to put on if they wear tights for school. Please ensure your child comes dressed in their PE kit on these day. As we have Woodland Learning as well as PE on a Friday, please just dress in your Woodland Leadning clothes, 


How to help at home:

  • Practise 2,5 and 10 times tables in the first instance and continue to practice counting in 1s up to 100 and backwards to 0.
  • Challenge your child to complete activities on Purple Mash on a device at home as often as possible.
  • Practise reading and spelling Year 1 common exception words as regularly as possible (see link in files).  These are the words that all Year 1 children MUST be able to  read and spell by the end of the academic year.  We have also uploaded the key words from Reception  as these may need to be revised. You will find these words also in the back of your child's reading record. Please help your child to read these words.
  • Read with your child every night when possible or at least 3 times every week. The more you to read with your child, the better, especially as they have missed a lot of school. Daily readers will be rewarded for their commitment.


Useful websites:

Teach your Monster to read app is fantastic to help your child with reading and developing phonic knowledge.


WK BEG 7th September 2020

Well what a lovely first week we have had in 1JR. All children have been brought along with; big, happy smiles and a fantastic learning attitude. Every child has tried their absolute best. Well done 1JR!

This week we have launched our new science topic "Materials" and we went on a materials hunt around school. The children were excellent detectives and were able to find objects made from wood, plastic, metal, paper, fabric and brick. Please take a look at the photographs of the children on their material hunt.



This week we have launched our brand new maths curriculum; Maths No Problem. The children have been learning different ways of counting, counting and ordering numbers in the ascending order, counting and ordering numbers in descending order and using objects to reflect this, they have recorded their learning in a JOURNAL!  The journal is a book where the children can show how they have understood a concept by writing numbers and including their own versions of pictorial represtations for these. We have been learning through our numbers in a fun and active way and we have loved it!



We had lots of dicussion during our first PSHE lesson. We are learning about relationships. In our first lesson we had lfun looking at and sorting a variety of images, we were then asked to use some new vocabulary during our discussions such as; 'likes', 'dislikes' and 'I prefer'. Throughout this lesson, we discovered that we do not all like or dislike the same things, but this is ok because these are the things that make us 'unique'

WK BEG 14th September 2020

We had a great start to our week! We completed a science investigation on which materials were waterproof and windproof. We had great fun using a 'hairdryer' for the wind! The children found out that wood and metal were the most suitable to build a house for the third pig. Ask your child to explain what waterproof and windproof  means.


16th September 2020

We had more fun today finding out whether materials were transparent or opaque.  We now understand that transparent means you can see through a material and that opaque means that you cannot see through an object. We found out that 'glass' would make a great material for windows because it is transparent. We also found out that 'wood' would be a good material for a door. We really enjoyed investigating and we were really sensible with all of the different materials. 


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