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Our English writing is based around the book Paper Planes by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones. It is based on the story of two best friends;

Mia and Ben are the very best of friends. They live side by side at the edge of a great, wide lake and together they sail, and swing, and sing. But the thing they love the most is making paper planes. They dream of one day being able to make a plane that will fly all the way across the lake, and their planes become more and more intricate... 
But one day: terrible news. Ben's family are moving far, far away. How can Mia and Ben stay best friends if they are so far apart? And how will they ever realise their dream of making a plane that can fly across their lake?

We have been writing questions for the characters;

Why did Ben have to move house?
How old are you?
When will you come back? 

We thought of some similes for 'sad' 

devastated, upset,
emotional, distraught

and flying

soaring, skimming, gliding, hovering.

We have even created our own poems using all of our newly leaned vocabulary;

The plane climed throyugh the fluffy clouds, soaring, gliding, shooting! written by Lilliy Johnston

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