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Hearing Support Base

Townfield Primary School’s Hearing Support Base

Townfield Primary School’s Hearing Support Base offers a bright and stimulating, language enriched learning environment.


The Base staff support the children who are Deaf on a ‘needs led basis’, allowing flexible systems of support to meet each individual child’s needs. With the capacity to support 11 Deaf children who have an EHCP and are situated in Foundation Two through to Year Six. The Base staff work in collaboration with a range of professionals successfully to provide the best possible education and care for the children under their supervision.


The Deaf children are at the heart of the Base and learning and teaching strategies are matched to individual needs. We are highly inclusive of all children, irrespective of their needs and ability, and continuously assess to inform our planning to ensure teaching and learning meets pupil’s needs through a high level of differentiation. All pupils have highly focused Individual Education Plans which pupils work towards achieving, in all areas of the curriculum. We expect children to be actively involved in their learning and we aim to equip all Deaf children to become lifelong learners.  All pupils who attend the Base receive quality teaching and we ensure appropriate classroom learning environments match the needs of the pupils. Staff are highly trained and skilled in working with Deaf children as well as a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities.


Deaf pupils are fully integrated into their mainstream classes. They attend the Base every morning to have their hearing aid/cochlear implant equipment checked and to socialise with each their Deaf peers. Once these activities have occurred, the pupils move to their mainstream classes with their support staff to start their daily routines. Daily, the Teacher of the Deaf teaches a group of hearing and deaf pupils for English and Maths in the Base; tailoring the schemes of work to needs of the pupils.


British Sign Language (BSL) is our modern foreign language and is taught weekly to all pupils from Foundation Two through to year six. It is our intention that by the time pupils reach Year Six they will have enough signing skills for them to successfully undertake, and pass, BSL level 1. This is a lifelong, nationally recognised qualification.  These skills also allow all pupils, both Deaf and hearing, to communicate on a social level throughout the school day and in the wider community.


All pupils supported by the Base have, in-house, weekly access to Speech and Language Therapy led by Wirral’s Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. In addition to this all pupils attend varying levels of British Sign Language tuition from Wirral’s Deaf tutor, aiming to provide all Deaf pupils with their BSL level 1 certificate by the end of Year Six.


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