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At the Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust, we have developed a PSHCE curriculum that ensures all pupils receive key messages relative to their age.  These are aimed at developing the knowledge necessary for pupils to make the safe choices and informed decisions that will help prepare them for later life.   The PSHCE curriculum ensures that messages relating to British Values, SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development), wellbeing and safeguarding are explicitly developed; theya re also women through the wider school curriculum. 

PSHCE or Personal, Social, Health & Citizen Education eductation focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children and young people healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work. 

We follow the non-statutory National Curriculum guidance on PSHCE to ensure that we are able to create and deliver a curriculum that takes into account the needs of our children.  An essential part of the PSHCE programme is Relationships Education and this is compulsory for all primary school children.  As part of the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum, we will deliver sessions on sex education.  The lessons are at an appropriate level for the age range and will use resources that will support the learning. We have built our own scheme of work using the PSHE Associatiion curriculum building blocks.  The pupils gain knowledge and skills when learning about Relationships, Healthy Living and Living in the Wider World.  Carefully sequenced lessons ensure that knoweldge and skills are revisited and reviewed while becoming increasingly complex.  Vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson to ensure that children are able to talk confidently about their learning.  As a result, children know and learn more.

All pupils study PSHCE including those who have SEN and/or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. 

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As part of the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum we will delivering sessions on sex education.  The lessons are at an appropriate level for the age range and will use resources that will support the learning.  We will contact you prior to these sessions and invite you to look at the resources if you so wish.  If you wish to view the resources that will be used please click on the link below. 

Sex Education Resources for Parents & Carers


Autumn Term 1

Year 1

Relationships is the first PSHE topic that the chlldren explore in Year 1.  They spend time talking about the things that they like and don't like.  They also talk about what makes them special and unique.  They take part in lots of speaking and listening activities where they tell their friends why they are special when they pass a ball across the circle.  Safeguarding is really important at Townfield and we do lots of work about keeping ourselves safe.  The children learnt the real names for the private parts of our bodies.  

body parts.JPG  you choose 1.JPG you choose 2.JPGpshe 1.jpegpshe 3.jpeg

Year 2 

This term the Year 2 children have been exploring their emotions.  They have used different vocabulary to describe emotions and looked at relationship webs.


Year 3

The Year 3 children have been exploring relationships with their peers.  They have been learning how to be a good friend to others.  They have also been looking at what it would feel like to be ostracised by your peers.  They imagined how that would feel and what they could do about it.  

year 3 autumn 1.JPG

Year 4

The children in Year 4 have been learning all about children's rights and how to treat each other with respect. 

In our 'No Outsiders' work which is all about equality and making everyone feel included, the children explored the book King and King.  This is a take on the traditional fairy tale where the king always gets his queen.  In this book, however, the king falls in love with, not another beautiful princess, but another king.  


Year 5 

In Year 5, the children were learning about being safe when using the internet and social media.  They looked at how they could be used in a positive way to communicate.  




Also, the children used the drama technique of conscience alley to explore the No Outsiders book 'Where the Poppies Grow'.  This is a book about World War I and encourages the children to think about how we learn from our past.  

conscience alley 1.JPGconscience alley 2.JPGconscience alley 3.JPGconscience alley 4.JPG


Autumn Term 2

Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been talking about food that is healthy to eat.  They have been discussing making healthy choices in their diet.

pshe.jpegpshe1.jpegpshe 4.jpeg

They also learned how to make sure that they are taking care of their hygiene by washing their hands properly.


Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring relationships.  They disussed bullying, what it means and what they can do about it if they feel that they are being bullied.  

Children recorded their ideas in their Personal Development books.



Year 4

The topic this half term was all about managing our feelings.  The children explored different emotions and what makes them feel that way.  Together, we shared different coping strategies. They identified trusted adults in their life who they can go to when their emotions are feeling a little bit overwhelming. They also practised different mindfulness strategies that they could use if they needed to calm down.   Here you can see children practising breathing techniques.  image0 (2).jpegimage2 (2).jpeg


In No Outsiders, the story called The Flower, the children discussed why it is good to ask questions when there is something that we don't understand.  


Year 5

In this half term, the Year 5 children learnt all about the changes that their bodies will go through as they grow older. 


In the No Outsiders session this half term, the children looked at the story of Rose Blanche who was a young girl who lived during the time of World War II.  The book helped the children to understand that sometimes in life we have to make difficult decisions.  The children took part in role play activities to explore the themes of the book.  



Spring Term 1

Year 1

This term the children have been exploring relationships.  They identified the key people who are part of their family. They have discussed how their families are different. Thinking about all the different people in their lives, they thought about who their trusted adults and children are.  In the No Outsiders lesson, they worked on accepting other children and working collaboratively to get on better with people who they think they don't have anything in common with.  


Year 3

In the No Outsdiers lesson, the chidlren explored the story of Beegu.  They considered what it would be like for someone to come to a new place to live and how they could make it a more positive experience for them. 



Year 5

Year 5 children have been reading the book 'And Tango Makes Three'. They discussed how discriminating against gay people is homophobic and as part of the Equality act is not allowed in this country.  In response to the story, they wrote letters in support of the rights of gay people. 


Year 6

Year 6 children have been looking at the different ways to look after our health and mental wellbeing. They discussed and considered the impact of our diet, the impact of drugs and alcohol on the mind and body, and the different strategies that can be used to help manage and improve our mental well being.

PSHE pic.png

Spring Term 2

Year 4

What makes up a person's identity?  This is what the children have been learning about over this half term.  They have considered many different things such as appearance, gender, race, religion, likes and dislikes.  They wrote poems about themselves.  The children then took part in a P4C session (Philosophy for children) during which they explored and discussed the theme of stereotyping.  



Year 5 - British Values

British Values.png

Alongside our topic on First Aid, Year 5 have been celebrating the British Values that run throughout the United Kingdom. Following our whole school assembly, the children were inspired to create information posters to remind our school community of how to follow these values each day at Townfield Primary School.

Year 6

The children in Year 6 have been looking at how they can look after themselves.  One of the points for discussion was how much sleep we need and why we need it.  The children shared their thoughts on this before looking at the actual advice about the amount of sleep that a child needs.  With this knowledge, they then created an action plan for sleep for a child their age.  


The children also looked at the physical and emotional aspects of wellbeing and what those signs might be if we are feeling good or not so good.




Summer Term 1

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning all about the people who help them.  They were very lucky to get a visit from the fire engine and some of the fire fighters from a local fire station.  



Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about personal hygiene.  They have been writing instructions about how to keep their teeth clean. 

year 3 teeth.JPGyear 3(1).JPG

Year 4

Year 4 children have been looking at how to manage risks in different places.  We looked at different situations which could throw up dangerous scenarios.  The children then explored what they needed to do in order to keep themselves safe.  They then created safety leaflets to show what they had learnt.  


Year 5

The children in year 5 have been learning about consent and how important it it is to respect the personal space of others. The children looked at various scenarios and decided which events would be suitable for friends and family and which would be inappropriate with strangers, or those we don't feel comfortable with. The children created some magnificent storyboards explaining how to respect the consent of everybody.

PSHE Consent.jpg

Year 6 

The year 6 children have spent time learning about 'consent'. They learnt all about giving consent and asking for permission and have been thinking about the boundaries that we have in our own lives. They thought recently about what 'personal space' means to them and why someone may become upset and frustrated if their personal space is invaded. 

PD consent.png

Summer Term 2

Year 4

The Year 4 children have been exploring the world around us.  They have considered what is wondeful about our world and what is not so wonderful.  In groups, they had to decide who was most responsible from the manufacturers of products to refuse collectors and scientists to environmental pressure groups.  There were some fabulous discussions and children sorted the different groups into a diamond organisert to show who were the most and the least responsible.  


diamond sort 2.jpgdiamond 3.JPGdiamond.JPGdiamond sort 1.jpg

Year 5

Children in Year 5 have looked at peer pressure and drugs this half term.  They worked collaboratively in teams to create role plays.  They explore how it feels to be pressured by their peers and the dangers of drugs.




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