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2 MB Reading

Lesson: English

Class: Year 2 - 2MB Year: 2021 - 2022

In Year 2, we are thoroughly enjoying our Reading this term - we have completely immersed ourselves into nature... During Woodland story time, we are loving reading 'Hedgehog by Dick King Smith', around our firepit. We are keeping with the theme of nature during our class story time too; we are listening to the adventures of 'Mr Fox by Roald Dahl'. We were all so shocked when Mr Fox had his tail shot off by the farmer!

Hedgehog.jpg  Woodland Reading 2.jpg  Woodland Reading.jpg

Fantastic Mr Fox.jpg  2MB Story time.jpg

We haven't just been reading for pleasure; we know how important it is to develop our own reading skills such as skimming texts to retrieve information and being able to identify features within a text. We have worked hard to answer comprehension questions about 'A River' and also copied the author's style to write our own adventure stories.

A River.jpg  Reading A River 1.JPG  Reading A River 2.JPG  Reading A River 3.jpg  Reading A River 4.jpg

In 'Steps to Read', we have been reading and discussing the features of non-fiction texts, in particular, 'The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner'. We have identified: table of contents, headings, sub-headings, different style fonts, pictures with captions, diagrams with labels and we've even learnt all about glossaries. Did you know that octopuses squirt ink at their predators to confuse them?

Sea Book Front Cover(1).jpg  Reading Sea Creatures.JPG  Reading Sea Book 2.JPG  Reading Sea Book 3.JPG 


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