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Lesson: Science

Class: Year 1 1C Year: 2020 - 2021

WK BEG 9th November 2020

We have had the most amazing week learning about materials and conducting two investigations. We completed an ice experiment - we wanted to find out where in our classroom ice would melt the quickest. The children loved predicting what would happen, completing the experiment and then finding out what happened and also discussing whether our predictions were correct. We found out that the ice melted the quickest was the ice in the glass of water and the ice that took the longest to melt was the ice cube that was placed on the window ledge.



Our second experiment was to find out which material out of a selection would protect an egg if dropped from a height. The children were so excited to plan their experment and wrap their egg in a chosen material. We made predictions on which material would protect the egg fully and then we carried out the experiment. The children were so elated! We had a smashing (ha ha) time. The children could not wait to unwrap their eggs to find out which materials were able to fully protect the egg. We found out  that 'bubble wrap' was the only material that protected the egg. All the other materials (cling film, bin bags, blu tac, fabric, foil and newspaper) did not protect the egg!



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