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Year 1 1C: Gallery


Date: 14th Dec 2020 @ 1:04pm

December 2020 - Levers, sliders and joins.

We have had a great time exploring some different mechanisms. We enjoyed exploring moving books, cards, scissors and clocks. We even made our own!!!! We used treasury tags and a hole punch to create joins in the form of personalised chains, split pins to create a moving pair of scissors and moving hands on our clocks. We then designed, produced and evaluated our moving (sliders) Christmas cards!




Date: 14th Dec 2020 @ 12:55pm

WK BEG 9th November 2020

We have had the most amazing week learning about materials and conducting two investigations. We completed an ice experiment - we wanted to find out where in our classroom ice would melt the quickest. The children loved predicting what would happen, completing the experiment and then finding out what happened and also discussing whether our predictions were correct. We found out that the ice melted the quickest was the ice in the glass of water and the ice that took the longest to melt was the ice cube that was placed on the window ledge.



Our second experiment was to find out which material out of a selection would protect an egg if dropped from a height. The children were so excited to plan their experment and wrap their egg in a chosen material. We made predictions on which material would protect the egg fully and then we carried out the experiment. The children were so elated! We had a smashing (ha ha) time. The children could not wait to unwrap their eggs to find out which materials were able to fully protect the egg. We found out  that 'bubble wrap' was the only material that protected the egg. All the other materials (cling film, bin bags, blu tac, fabric, foil and newspaper) did not protect the egg!



RE Here Comes Christmas!

Date: 8th Dec 2020 @ 8:14pm

December 2020 RE -  Here Comes Christmas!

2nd December

We have been learning all about the 'Christmas story', we have role played and sequenced what happened in the correct order. We also talked about the 'bible' and how it is split into two parts.

We especiall enjoyed learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world by Christians and made comparisons between the UK and Australia. 





Art - Andy Warhol

Date: 8th Dec 2020 @ 8:04pm

November 2020

This term 1C have been studying the work of a famous  'Pop' Artist called Andy Warhol. First we explored his work and found researched some facts about him. We then studied self portraits and used Ipads to take digital portraits of our partners. Using the digital images alongside mirrors, we sketched our own portraits; ensuring that we noted size, shape and proportions.


We then looked at complimentary and contrasting colours. We experimented with different types of media and chose some contrasting colours. This assisted us to when we came to choose our 4 favourite complimenary colours for our POP ART backgrounds. After this, we cut out our 4 self portraits and attached them to the backgrounds. We revisited the features of Andy Warhol's art and found that he used the colours from his backgrounds within his repeated images. We thoroughly enjoyed this topic!






Woodland Learning

Date: 26th Oct 2020 @ 12:47pm

We LOVE being out in our woodland area. We have been learning lots of skills such as; teamwork, safety, den building, climbing trees, making smores and brioche on the campfire, baking in a mud kitchen, digging, swinging, hopping, balancing, rolling down hills, splashing in puddles and much more!


Date: 26th Oct 2020 @ 12:27pm

Year 1 had such a fun afternoon playing halloween games! we had a spooky treasure hunt (and we we allowed to eat our treasure; chocolate ghouls, squishy eyeballs and chocolate pumpkins, we played ghost skittles, pumkin paintingmusic monster bumps and had a ghost challenge where we had to dance with a ghost (toilet roll) between 2 of us whithout using our hands and not drop it, this was fabulous!


English Rapunzel Autumn 1

Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:15pm


Our new book for this term is called Rapunzel by Betan Woolvin 

Rapunzel, Corebooks

We have not even opened the book yet and the children have already been predicting what/who the story is about and what might happen. They have been writing short sentences, writing questions to which they will find out the answers once the is read, they have labelled all of the nouns that they can see on the front cover and they have been building towers for the witch using a variety of media.


Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:14pm


Today's PE lesson was gymnastics, we really wanted to do this outside on the field but the sun was just far too hot for us so we moved our classroom around and got on with it! And we got on with it fantastically, I have a class of talented gymnasts! We started off our warm up by using our bodies to form letters of the alphabet (t, v, o, I and w) some we could do solo but for others we needed to work with a partner.

we then moved on to making the PE shapes Pike, straddle, tuck, straight, star. Some we did sitting down and some we did standing up. We found the tuch shape too difficult to do standing up HAHA!

After that we had a go at finding a partner and taking turns to choose a shape for our partner to mirror us. This was a fantastic way to show understanding of the names of the gymnastic shapes. We have learned some new vocabulary in PE this week; Flexibility, Agility, Position, Strength and Balance!

We have been learning all about body tension and control. We have been using these skills whilst creating pencil rolls. We help organise equipment so that we can learn about health and safety and also have more time enjoying our lessons.

Science materials - waterproof and windproof

Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:13pm

WK BEG 14th September 2020


What a great start to our week! We have begun a science investigation to find out which materials are most suitable for building a house for the Three pigs to live safely from the big bad wolf!  First, we recapped the names of the materials that we were investigating (wood, metal, fabric, plastic, paper) then made predicted whether we thought the material would/would not be waterproof/windproof by using our thumbs up/down. Next we tested materials to see if they were waterproof/not waterproof and windproof/not windproof. We had great fun using a 'hairdryer' for the wind! After testing a few materials, we found out that wood and metal were the most suitable as they were both waterproof AND windproof!  Ask your child to explain the meaning of waterproof and windproof to you.

English Elmer September 2020

Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:12pm

Wk Beg 7th September 2020


In English we have been learning all about Elmer the Elephant. He is a patchwork elephant. At the beginning of the story, Elmer was sad because he was different to all of the other elephants so he made himself elephant colour by rubbing elephant colour berries all over his skin. Elmer thought that being the same as everyone else would make him feel happier but he just blended in and went unnoticed. One day when all of the elephants were standing around, Elmer got botred and called out "BOO!" this made all of the elephants laugh and they then realised who he was. It began to rain and the berry juice ran off his skin, revealing his 'true colours'. From this story, Elmer realised that it is ok to be different, he realised that the other elephants like him for who he was and that he made them laugh. From this story, the children have been learning all about being unique. they have been exploring adjectives (blue, sad, talented etc), the conjunction 'and', recognising and discussing their own stregths and talents and sequencing the story.


Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:10pm

Autumn 1


We had lots of dicussion during our first PSHE lesson. We are learning about relationships. In our first lesson we had fun looking at and sorting a variety of images, we were then asked to use some new vocabulary during our discussions such as; 'likes', 'dislikes' and 'I prefer'. Throughout this lesson, we discovered that we do not all like or dislike the same things, but this is ok because these are the things that make us 'unique'


We have been learning all about our bodies and how to keep ourselves safe. We are all familiar with the scientific names for our bodies and can distinguish the differences between males and females. We also know what to do and who to tell if we are worried about something. Below you can see how we have drawn around one of our friends and worked as a team team to label all of our body parts. we then went on to write the names of the body parts that we could remember. You can also see a selection of the posters we created to remind everyone how to keep themselves safe.



We have been learning all about keeping healthy, emphasising this month on healthy foods. We explored different types of foods and their effects on our bodies. We have learned that occassionally it is fine to eat foods that are not very beneficial to our health but we need to consider eating these in moderation. We worked in groups to sort foods into catagories ; healthy and not healthy.




We continued with our 'keeping healthy' theme this month, concentrating on hygiene. We discussed all of the different ways that we can keep clean from; washing, bathing, cleaning teeth, clean clothes etc. We had fun focussing on keeping our hands clean and washing them effectively to prevent spreading germs. We did some experiments such as covering our hands in vaseline (dirt and grime) and glitter (germs)and used avariety of ways to 'clean' our hands. First we tried to just use a paper towel to wipe away the dirt - there was no change to the amount of germs (glitter) on our hands, then we rinsed them under cold water- still not good enough! After this we warm water alone - this was effective but it did not clear away ALL of the germ. The warm soapy water and washing for 2 minutes worked best!  We also place an untouched piece of bread and a handled piece of bread into seperate bags and watched the changes over time. We found that the braed that was touched developped more mould more quickly than the untouched piece.  


Science Sept 2020 materials hunt

Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:08pm

WK Beg 7th September 2020


We launched our new Science topic - Materials; Let's build. We have been learning the names and properties of everyday materials. we have been exploring real life objects by sight, sound amd touch, this has enabled us to experience and describe the properties that each material has. We even went on a materials hunt in and around our school grounds.


Date: 25th Oct 2020 @ 2:04pm

WK BEG 7th September 2020

Well what a lovely first week we have had in 1C. All children have been brought along with; big, happy smiles and a fantastic learning attitude. Every child has tried their absolute best. Well done 1C!


This week we have launched our brand new maths curriculum; Maths No Problem. The children have been learning different ways of counting, counting and ordering numbers in the ascending order, counting and ordering numbers in descending order and using objects to reflect this, they have recorded their learning in a JOURNAL!  The journal is a book where the children can show how they have understood a concept by writing numbers and including their own versions of pictorial represtations for these. We have been learning through our numbers in a fun and active way and we have loved it!


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