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Year 1 1J: Gallery

Home Learning Gallery

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 1:07pm

Tuesday 12th January

Well done to Daisy for completing the 'Wellbeing' activity this week. Daisy has learnt how to make fish fingers as part of learning a new skill. Well done Chef Daisy!


Well done to Belle for completing the 'PE Newspaper'  challenge from yesterday. 

Nola has been busy at home today. She has been writing a sentence for phonics using the 'ir' sound and also making her 'wind sock' for Science. Nola it looks like you are enjoying your learning at home. Well done.


Freya Rose has been completing lots of work today also. Well done Freya.

Archie has been completing lots of learning at home also. He has made a 'Wind Sock' and also completed a log for the wind each day. Archie has also completed Phonics work. Well done Archie.

Roman has also been completing lots of home learning at home.Well done Roman.

Week 1 - 5th January 2021

Well done to Phoebe and Eden who have been completing lots of home learning activities at home. 

Please remember to send in any photographs or examples of work to:


Here are some photographs of Eden completing the PE activities that we have uploaded. Eden looks like he is really enjoying the activities alongside his brother Zach and Fifi the dog! Well done to Eden. It is so important to continue to develop and ensure that you have enough physical exercise whether it is at home or outside.We will continue to add daily physical activities for you to complete!


Eden and Phoebe have also completed English writing work on 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Eden and Phoebe remembered to include capital letters and full stops in their work. Wlel done!



Wow Phoebe looks like she has been working extremely hard to complete our Science (Seasons) work that has been planned. She has made her own Rain Gauge and her own 'Weather Vane'. I wonder how much rain you will collect over the next week?


Eden thought about who he would like to keep in touch with whilst we are to remain at home. Eden is going to write letters to the people on his list. Well done Eden and I think that the letters will cheer people up! Who would you like to keep in touch with?. 

Week 1 - 6th January 2021

It is so lovely to see some of the work that you are completing at home. It is a strange time but you are all doing so well. I will continue to celebrate your learning as it is fabulous.

Phoebe has been completing Phonics work and practising counting in 5s at home. Well done Phoebe!

Eden has been completing more work at home including a PE challenge, phonics work and learning his number bonds to 10. Well done to you Eden.

Rose and Lily have also been busy bees and working hard at home to complete a variety of work. They have completed Phonics, Maths and writing at home. Well done girls. 

Week 1 - 7th January.

Well done to Belle and Phoebe for completing more home learning activities at home.

Phoebe has been remembering when to use capital letters.

Belle has been making her Rain Gauge and is now ready to see how much rainful she will collect. We do not normally want it to rain but we want it to now so that we can complete our investigation.


Belle decided to write a letter to her Auntie Terri as she lives in Wales. Belle also has been applying the 'ie' sound when writing sentences. She has also been completing some of the PE challenges that we have set.

Well done to all of you for completing home learning at this tricky time!

Week 1 8th January

There has been lots of learning happening over the last four days. I am very proud of you all for completing all the different learning activities that we have set for you. Keep it up and please do send emails in to and I will post them on this page. 

Here is Archie completing activites from this week:

What a lovely letter to your Grandad Archie!

Daisy has had fun exploring all areas of learning:

Daisy what great writing and a lovely Rain Gauge. I hope you collected lots of rain!

Roman has also been working hard to continue his learning at home. He has completed his learning using the paper pack. Well done Roman, you have been completing maths work and English.

Hattie was our TT Rockstar champion this week! Well done Hattie.

Hattie has also been completing Science, English and Phonics work at home.


Phiebe has completed lots of learning this week and today has been super busy!

Today Phoebe watched Chester Zoo live videos and wrote a sentence about each animal.

Pe - Socks in pots, we used number sentences to find the total score amd the socks were sometimes 1 point, 2 points and 10 points. She also started off doing some stretches before doing some hopping and jumping over the bars.

We found Reading Eggs really useful. Phoebe completed the test to see what level she was on and carried out a few activities on the app. Putting words correctly into a sentence. Practicing diagraphs.

She has also recorded 3cm of rainfall on her chart. 

Eden has been completing his PE challenges. This looks like you had lots of fun Eden. Eden has also been applying his Phonics knowledge and writing sentences. Well done Eden, you remembered acapital letter to start your sentence and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 

Rose and Lily have been completing their Science work and making a Rain Gauge and a Weather Vane. This looks fabuloius girls. I hope you collected lots of rain. 

They also look like they have enjoyed dancing to some number songs,.

Well done to both of you.


Monday 11th January

Well done for all of the learning that has taken place today. There is lots of exciting learing taking place. Well done to Nola, Daisy, Marco, Jakob, Freya Rose, Eden,Phoebe and Roman for all of this amazing work below. They have completed activities for Maths, Phonics, Science and Wellbeing. 

Woodland Learning

Date: 7th Nov 2020 @ 2:42pm

We had a fantastic time toasting marshmallows and eating them in the forest.

We understand how to be safe around fire.



Date: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 8:21pm


21st September 2020


Over the last two weeks the children have been learning all about the local area. Below there are a series of pictures that will showcase the learning that has taken place.

Lesson 1

The children started with locating the 4 countires in the United Kingdom.


Lesson 2

In lesson 2 the children found out that the 4 countries in the United Kingdom have capital cities and they also found out about the seas surrounding the UK.

Lesson 3

In lesson 3 we looked at our local area and used Google Maps to help us to locate points of interest in our area.


Lesson 4

In this lesson we looked at the land uses of areas. We found out some new vocabulary including  public services, open spaces and economic. The children were able to organise piictures in a table under the correct headings.


Lesson 5

In lesson 5 the children looked at physical and human features of land. They learnt that physical features are those that are natural and human features are either influenced or created by humans.


Lesson 6

In lesson 6 we learnt about the seven continents of the world. We learnt that we live in Europe. We also found out that Asia is the largest continent and Australia is the smallest. 

We listened to a song to help us to remember the names of the continents.

We have learnt so much information during the last two weeks and have enhoyed finding out about our country and our local area.




Date: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 8:14pm


We had lots of dicussion during our first PSHE lesson. We are learning about relationships. In our first lesson we had lfun looking at and sorting a variety of images, we were then asked to use some new vocabulary during our discussions such as; 'likes', 'dislikes' and 'I prefer'. Throughout this lesson, we discovered that we do not all like or dislike the same things, but this is ok because these are the things that make us 'unique'

Exploring healthy and unhealthy foods: 3.11.20

The children were able to sort the images into healthy and unhealthy groups. 

3rd December.

We have been learning about the importance of hand washing and keeping germs away.

We used glitter to represent germs and to see how quickly germs can spread around the classroom.




Date: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 8:12pm


This week we have launched our brand new maths curriculum; Maths No Problem. The children have been learning different ways of counting, counting and ordering numbers in the ascending order, counting and ordering numbers in descending order and using objects to reflect this, they have recorded their learning in a JOURNAL!  The journal is a book where the children can show how they have understood a concept by writing numbers and including their own versions of pictorial represtations for these. We have been learning through our numbers in a fun and active way and we have loved it!


Date: 3rd Nov 2020 @ 12:45pm

WK BEG 9th November 2020

We have had the most amazing week learning about materials and conducting two investigations. We completed an ice experiment - we wanted to find out where in our classroom ice would melt the quickest. The children loved predicting what would happen, completing the experiment and then finding out what happened and also discussing whether our predictions were correct. We found out that the ice melted the quickest nearest the radiator and the ice that took the longest to melt was the ice cube that was placed outside the classroom door.

Our second experiment was to find out which material out of a selection would protect an egg if dropped from a height. The children were so excited to plan their experment and wrap their egg in a chosen material. We made predictions on which material would protect the egg fully and then we completed the experiment. The children were so excited and had a smashing (ha ha) time. The children were so intrigued to unwrap their eggs and to find out which material were able to fully protect the egg. We found out  that 'bubble wrap' was tthe only material that protected the egg. All the other materials (cling film, bin bags, blu tac, fabric, foil and newspaper) did not protect the egg!



WK BEG 7th September 2020

Well what a lovely first week we have had in 1JR. All children have been brought along with; big, happy smiles and a fantastic learning attitude. Every child has tried their absolute best. Well done 1JR!

This week we have launched our new science topic "Materials" and we went on a materials hunt around school. The children were excellent detectives and were able to find objects made from wood, plastic, metal, paper, fabric and brick. Please take a look at the photographs of the children on their material hunt.


WK BEG 14th September 2020

We had a great start to our week! We completed a science investigation on which materials were waterproof and windproof. We had great fun using a 'hairdryer' for the wind! The children found out that wood and metal were the most suitable to build a house for the third pig. Ask your child to explain what waterproof and windproof  means.



16th September 2020

We had more fun today finding out whether materials were transparent or opaque.  We now understand that transparent means you can see through a material and that opaque means that you cannot see through an object. We found out that 'glass' would make a great material for windows because it is transparent. We also found out that 'wood' would be a good material for a door. We really enjoyed investigating and we were really sensible with all of the different materials. 


3.11.20 - Where will ice melt the quickest in our classroom?


The children have really enjoyed investigating where ice will melt the quickest in our classroom. They decided on 4 different locations. We used timers and timed how long it took for the ice cube to turn into just liquid. We found out that heat does help ice to melt the quickest as the ice cube nearest to the radiator melted the fastest. 



RE Gallery

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 8:31pm


5th October 2020

This week we have been learning all about Harvest and the communities we belong to. We found out that Harvest means 'freshly picked foods' and that we celebrate this in Autumn when the foods are collected. 

Here are some photographs of our learning.


2nd December

We have been learning about the 'Christmas story' and have role played and sequenced what happened in the correct order. We also talked about the 'bible' and how it is split into two parts.

We have also explored how Christmas is celebrated around the world by Christians and made comparisons between the UK and Australia. 


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