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Year 2 - 2MB: Gallery

2S Grey Group Read, Write Inc

Date: 27th Nov 2021 @ 10:04pm

During part of our daily Read, Write Inc lessons, we work in pairs to read through our texts.  One of us acts as the teacher using the 'teaching stick' whilst the other reads.  This week, our story was called 'The Lion's Paw' and it was all about a Roman slave called Androcles who befriended a ferocious lion.

2MB The Great Fire of London Art 2

Date: 20th Nov 2021 @ 1:01pm

To end our week, the children experimented with oil pastels, chalk pastels, paint and tissue paper to create fire. We had lots of fun but got a little bit too messy again!


2MB Woodland Art

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 10:51am

WC 15th November

In woodland Learning this week, we created 'Nature Mobiles' using twigs, twine and natural objects from the forest. 

2MB Read Write Inc.

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 10:34am

WC 15th November

Now that we are confident with our Speedy Sounds and Fred Talk, we have started to read our new book 'The Duckchick'. We loved using our 'teaching sticks' when reading with our partners. 

2MB Art The Great Fire of London

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 9:57am

WC 15th November

In Art this week, we have been looking at Rita Greer's painting of 'The Great Fire of London'. We have also experimented with sketching pencils, oil pastels and charcoal - which we found out was very messy - to create our own studies of Tudor houses. 

KS1 Grey Group, Read, Write Inc.

Date: 15th Nov 2021 @ 8:46pm

Read, Write Inc: Get Writing!

Today (15.11.21) saw all of Key Stage 1 begin the writing element of our new phonics scheme, Read Write Inc.

Mrs Simmons has grey group and today we started our book, Rex to the Rescue.  Hear are some photos of us working in partners to read the 'Speed Sounds' and the 'Story Green Words' that are contained within our book.

The child with the lollypop stick is acting as the teacher...





2MB - Science

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 10:00pm

We have been exploring animal life cycles and how humans grow and change as we get older this week. 


2MB - Black History Month

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 9:57pm

Year 2 have been presenting their findings about John Archer

2MB - Cricket Skills - Lesson 1

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 9:56pm

This week the children have enjoyed their first cricket coaching lesson

2 MB Reading

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 12:13pm

In Year 2, we are thoroughly enjoying our Reading this term - we have completely immersed ourselves into nature... During Woodland story time, we are loving reading 'Hedgehog by Dick King Smith', around our firepit. We are keeping with the theme of nature during our class story time too; we are listening to the adventures of 'Mr Fox by Roald Dahl'. We were all so shocked when Mr Fox had his tail shot off by the farmer!

Hedgehog.jpg  Woodland Reading 2.jpg  Woodland Reading.jpg

Fantastic Mr Fox.jpg  2MB Story time.jpg

We haven't just been reading for pleasure; we know how important it is to develop our own reading skills such as skimming texts to retrieve information and being able to identify features within a text. We have worked hard to answer comprehension questions about 'A River' and also copied the author's style to write our own adventure stories.

A River.jpg  Reading A River 1.JPG  Reading A River 2.JPG  Reading A River 3.jpg  Reading A River 4.jpg

In 'Steps to Read', we have been reading and discussing the features of non-fiction texts, in particular, 'The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner'. We have identified: table of contents, headings, sub-headings, different style fonts, pictures with captions, diagrams with labels and we've even learnt all about glossaries. Did you know that octopuses squirt ink at their predators to confuse them?

Sea Book Front Cover(1).jpg  Reading Sea Creatures.JPG  Reading Sea Book 2.JPG  Reading Sea Book 3.JPG 


2MB History

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 8:03pm

The children really impressed us with how they found out about London in 1666 from paintings and Samuel Pepy's diary. We even figured out he was a musician from a very small piece of paper he was holding! 

2MB A River

Date: 10th Oct 2021 @ 7:42pm

In English, we have been very busily planning and writing our first draft for our circular narrative  'A River'.  We have had lots of fun applying the noun phrases, similies and repeated phrases we found to our own journeys.

2MB Team building games

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 8:38pm

During PE the children have been playing team building games this week. We had a lot of fun trying to pass the hoop around our circle of friends without unlinking hands!

2 MB A River

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 7:43pm

So far in English, we have enjoyed sharing our Vehicle text - A River, and studying the Model - Circular Narrative text, which we are gathering ideas from. We have had fun with creating similes and noun phrases, which we are looking forward to using in our own story writing based on a journey. 

IMG-0991.JPG IMG-0992.JPG IMG-1012.jpg IMG-1013.jpg IMG-1014.jpg  


2 MB Woodland Learning

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 6:34pm

What muddy fun we had! 

IMG_1442 2.JPG  IMG_1440 2.JPG  IMG_1435 2.JPG  IMG_1445 2.JPG

2MB South African Style Music

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 6:17pm

We have been discussing different African animals and the sounds they make. We created a piece of music, as a class, which represented each of the animals that we looked at. 

IMG-1007.JPG  IMG-1009.JPG  IMG-1010.JPG  IMG-1004 (1).JPG

2MB Numbers to 100

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 6:00pm

So far this term, we have been looking at Counting to 100, Place Value, Comparing Numbers, Number Bonds and Number Patterns. We have just started our next topic of Addition and Subtraction.

IMG-0995.JPG  IMG-0996.JPG  IMG-0997.JPG  IMG-1019.JPG  IMG-1026 (1).JPG

2MB - Exploring Animal Habitats

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 1:02pm

2 MB P.E

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 1:01pm

Year 2 having fun in P.E this week.

Maths No Problem

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 12:57pm

2MB explaining numbers to 100.

2MB Microhabitats

Date: 12th Sep 2021 @ 8:56pm

This week Year 2 have been outside exploring Microhabitats!

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