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Reception Places Announcement

Primary School Reception places are announced  today. You can find out what school your child has been allocated by logging into the citizen portal      

Good luck to all those parents/carers who have requested a place for their child are Townfield Primary.   If you have received an offer for your child to join us in September 2022, please don't forget to accept your child's offer within the Citizen Portal. 


If you didn’t receive a place at Townfield but wish to appeal this decision with the Local Authority, you can find information here about how to do this”.   We understand not getting the first choice of school for your child can be an upsetting and anxious time.  You are entitled to appeal this decision and should you require any guidance please complete your details below. School is closed from 2nd April until Monday 25th April 2022, however we will contact you on the first day of the new term to discuss any queries you may have regarding the appeals process. 

Appeals must be lodged by 23rd May 2022 

Appealsd will be heard by 21st July 2022

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