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Read, Write Inc (RWI) at Townfield Primary School   


We will follow the Early Years Statutory Framework and the National Curriculum and have chosen Read, Write Inc (RWI) Phonics Scheme to teach early reading at Townfield.  All pupils including SEND and disadvantaged pupils will follow the RWI scheme from Nursery (from Easter 2022) through to Year 2 (until approximately Christmas).  Our intention is that all pupils will learn to read with a strong start in early years and are able to read fluently by the age of six.  Some pupils in lower Key Stage 2 will continue with RWI, where appropriate. 

In Foundation Stage, children are introduced to the simple alphabetic code and learn one way of representing each sound. During Key Stage 1, children are given opportunities to build on and develop their Phonics knowledge, by applying previously learnt graphemes and exploring alternative representations of phonemes and graphemes.rwi logo.jpg
Phonics sessions take place daily in small focused groups for all Nursery (summer term), Reception and Key Stage 1 children. Children in Nursery have daily exposure to stories, songs, poems and sounds in their classroom environment.

Within a daily phonics session, children are taught how to:

  • Read a new sound

  • Recognise new and familiar taught sounds

  • Write a new grapheme

  • Read words containing the new sound and familiar taught sounds

  • Spell words containing the new sound and familiar taught sounds

The Phonics Leader in school is responsible for ensuring that all children make the expected progress in their journey of learning to read. At the end of each half term the children completes a short Phonics assessment which ensures each child is making progress and allows for any identification of gaps or extra support needed.

1. Reception pupils learning speed sounds.jpeg    2. Reception pupils reading a book in pairs.jpeg    3. Reception pupils using 'fred fingers' to spell .jpeg

 Reception pupils learning speed sounds    Reception pupils reading a book in pairs     Reception pupils using "Fred Fingers" to spell


4. KS1 pupils practising spelling Set 3 sounds in their handwriting books.jpeg    5. KS1 pupil using 'fred fingers' to spell.jpeg    6. KS1 pupils writing sentences in their 'Get Writing' books .jpeg

 KS1 pupils practising spelling Set 3 sounds in their handwriting books KS1 pupil using "Fred Fingers" to spell   KS1 pupils writing sentences in their "Get Writing" books

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