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Music Vision

At Townfield Primary School, we believe that music is an essential part of life, integral in the development of a person. We believe that the opportunity to engage in musical experiences is therefore crucial for the development of the ‘whole child’. Indeed, learning music promotes all aspects of a child’s development - from the motor skills needed to play an instrument, to the mathematical skills needed to keep a pulse; from the listening skills needed when evaluating music, to the social skills needed when performing as part of an ensemble.


In lessons, we focus on the skills of listening, evaluating, singing, playing, improvising, composing and performing. Children develop confidence and become more adept at working effectively with others, sharing their ideas, negotiating and finding creative solutions. To support them in this, we prioritise the teaching and practising of key subject vocabulary. It is our aim that all children will be able to experience a sense of achievement and pride.


The skills involved in playing and listening to music also help learners develop the self-esteem, self-discipline and creativity necessary for success in life more generally. Furthermore, the many opportunities children are given to listen to music help improve their emotional well-being.


We endeavour to present children with music from a wide range of musical genres. The different cultural heritages within the school are celebrated as the children learn songs in different languages and from different cultures.


At our school, children have access to music through weekly lessons, as well as other enrichment opportunities, such as peripatetic music lessons, school clubs and performances in the local community. We use the Charanga music scheme as the basis of our music provision. This scheme builds up skills carefully, ensuring progression as children move through the school.


Music Aims



The Music curriculum at Townfield Primary School:

  • promotes positive attitudes and enthusiasm for music;
  • ensures the progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes;
  • enables pupils to communicate their knowledge and understanding of music using subject specific vocabulary;
  • encourages pupils to evaluate music of different genres, thereby finding and expressing their own preferences;
  • develops an understanding of the development of music, from its earliest forms to the present day;
  • develops knowledge and understanding of the music of different cultures;
  • encourages pupils to make connections between different genres of music;
  • develops an understanding of the various dimensions of music, such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, timbre and texture;
  • teaches pupils to use and understand musical notation;
  • encourages pupils to improvise, create and perform their own musical compositions;
  • provides pupils with opportunities to perform together, promoting social, as well as musical, skills.

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