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Attendance & Punctuality


Attendance Matters 


The school day starts at 8.55 am, with class doors opening at 8.45 am to allow children time to come into class and get settled.   Gates to the playground open at 8.30 am. 


The school day ends at 3.15 pm.   Gates to the playground open at 3.00 pm. 


If you have more than one child at Townfield, it is suggested that you please drop off or collect your youngest child first. 


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Attendance Targets 


Our minimum attendance target is 97%, however we are always striving to improve at Townfield and expect our children to attend school every day, wherever possible. 


With your help, can you child achive 100% attendance?

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Attendance Pledge


  • We believe that school attendance is everyone’s business. We will act accordingly; Supporting parents and carers to prioritise school attendance.


  • We know that school attendance is vital to improving life chances. Any absence can affect how well children achieve in school and can expose children to safeguarding risks.


  • We will challenge poor attendance when needed.


  • We understand that educational neglect through poor attendance is detrimental to children.


  • All agencies will prioritise attendance at school for all children. We will work together to encourage and improve the attendance of children regardless of where they live and attend school.


  • We understand that good attendance is essential from the start of a child’s education.


  • We will establish strong patterns of attendance with your youngest children.


  • We recognise the impact of our own behaviours and will role model good attendance for children and young people. Within our own agencies and organisations, we will address attendance concerns and strive to improve staff attendance.


  • We will acknowledge and champion outstanding and improved attendance.


  • We will look to identify practice within our agencies which encourages good school attendance with the families we work with.


Absence Procedures 


If your child is too ill to attend school, please ensure school are notified  in accordance with Section 3 of our Attendance & Punctuality Policy.   Depending on the reason for your child's absence there may be specfified periods of absence to help prevent the spead of infection; these can be found at Appendix 4 of our Health & Safety Policy.  



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