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TPS is part of Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust

Exciting news for Townfield Primary  - we've joined Rainbow Education from 1st September 2021! 

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What is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)?

Currently TPS is a Single Academy Trust and soon we will join Rainbow Education becoming part of their MAT, which means we will become part of a Trust containing more than one academy.


Change is worrying, should I be concerned? 

Absolutely not!  Despite challenges faced by TPS, school is in a strong position with fantastic staff and children.  Joining Rainbow Education will not only bring fantastic opportunities for our children and school, but also mean we can share our wealth of skills and knowledge with other schools in the MAT.


What does this mean for my child?

In reality, any changes will occur in the background so children, parents, carers and the wider school community will not be aware of any changes in school.  School ethos and values will remain the same, as will our staff and the day to day running of the school, including the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.  Any changes will be subtle, so as not to cause disruption, and will be positive changes. 


What changes will this bring? 

As above, there will not be any real noticeable changes however there will be some changes, but these will not have any negative impact and Townfield’s needs will remain the priority at school.  Some changes will be:-

  • Our “branding” will now include the Rainbow Education MAT logo (this will not be included on uniforms)


  • Our email addresses will change slightly – this will be communicated in due course
  • School will have a huge range of resources available once part of the MAT – this will benefit all children
  • In addition to resources, school will have access to a wide range of education experts who will work in collaboration with school to continually improve standards and achievements at TPS
  • Our Governance will change meaning we will be recruiting new Governors to strengthen School’s vision and strategic planning.  We will also be recruiting Parent Governors in the future – details on how to        apply will be sent in due course 
  • Some of our school systems will change, meaning school will work with new and improved systems – any changes will be notified ahead of time but to keep you in the loop we can confirm that our internal school         systems for student records will be changing meaning you will be required to re-register your School               Spider log in (you will not be able to re-register before 1st August 2021) and school will be introducing          ParentPay , which is used by many local schools and is very user friendly


Where can I find more information about the Rainbow Trust?

Details of the Rainbow Trust and the other six schools which are part of their MAT can be found on their website.  You will see that all schools in the MAT are either good or outstanding, which we hope is reassuring to you.   In addition, the Rainbow Trust has recently been awarded Teaching Hub School status which is testament to their commitment to developing children both educationally and as young citizens.

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