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Payments to School

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Payments Made Easy

We are pleased to announce our move to Parent Pay in the Summer Term (April 2022).    All payments to school will be made using this easy online payment system.  


Benefits to Parent Pay 

Parent pay is not only extremely user friendly but also offers the ability to pay in several ways:

  • Bank transfer please be aware bank transfers happen as soon as you click "ok" so double check your payment amount before clicking to proceed
  • Card payment 
  • Credit from previously Auto-Top up available balances*


*Parent Pay allows you to top up balances and keep them directly in your Parent Pay account (not with school) and you can use this as a savings account for future purchases.  


School Products

You can pay for the following school products 


  • Nursery Fees - payment of any amount due above funded hours 
  • Wrap Around Care* - breakfast and after school club
  • School Dinners - pay for your weekly school dinners   
  • Clubs - pay for any clbus from our enrichment programme 
  • School/Residential Trips - pay for your child's school trips  


Please note all school related activities must be paid for in ADVANCE 


School Savings 

As mentioned above, you can top up your Parent Pay balance which can be really useful to help you budget for future school related expenses, e.g. trips and residentials.  You can also use this to save for other items, e.g. uniform.  When you need to access any monies saved in your account, simply request any monies back from your Parent Pay account at a time which that is convenient for your. 


Setting up your Account  

An Activation Letter from school has been sent to all parents/carers which details your username and password to allow you to set up your account.  To access Parent Pay simply go to and select "Parent Login" from the "For Parents" dropdown in the right hand corner. 

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Once you have logged in you can set your username (your email address) and your own password.


What happens if you already have a Parent Pay Account?

If you already have a Parent Pay account from another school/child, simply log in and select the "Add child option".   It is important you do not try to create another account if you already have an active Parent Pay account. 


What happens if you have more than one child 

If you already have a Parent Pay account from another school/child, simply log in and select the "Add child option".  You will then be prompted to enter the username and password from the activation letter relating to this child.  Please note each child's initial username and password is completely unique to them. 

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I'm new to school and have never had a Parent Pay Account or Activation Letter

No problem.  Simply email [email protected]  and request an activation letter.  


What happens if I wish to pay via Salary Sacrifice/Voucher Scheme?

To make bookings for your child using childcare vouchers, you can do this by requesting a transfer to Townfield from your voucher provider. .   Once the school receives your voucher credit this will be added to your Parent Pay account to allow you to make bookings.   This must be done in advance of any bookings.  Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to book sessions. 

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to make payments using childcare vouchers within Parent Pay, however we are liaising with them to streamline this process.  Please note if there is any delay in your account being credited with Childcare Voucher credits, please email [email protected] and your booking will be administrated by our school office to ensure you are not prohibited from making any bookings. 


Is there an App I can download?

There isn't an app available for Parent Pay, however you find details here of how to add Parent Pay to your home screen.  Although there is no app linked to Parent Pay, their website will automatically rescale for optimum useibility depending on the device you are accessing their website from. 


Parent Pay Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions 


Parent Pay have a direct FAQ section which answers a range of questions regarding Parent Pay such as

Logging In

  • I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?
  • I have changed my email address, what do I do? 

Making Payments & Requesting Refunds

  • How to make a withdrawal from your Parent Account
  • I have funds in dinner money, can I move this to another child
  • How do I pay for items?
  • I have paid for the wrong item, can I get a refund?
  • Can I make a payment with childcare vouchers?
  • My child has left the school, how do I obtain a refund?
  • How can I view payment history?

Setting up a Parent Pay Account

  • How do I activate my account?
  • I have received an activation letter, however my email address has already been used on ParentPay, what should I do?
  • Why have I not received my verification email
  • How to set alerts 

Bank Transfer & Auto Top-up

  • What are Bank Transfer & Auto Top-ups?  

Account Management & Security 

  • My child is moving schools, what should I do?
  • Adding more children to your account?
  • My child is moving schools, can I still use my existing account?
  • My child is moving schools, can I transfer the balance to the new school?
  • Can another payer, such as a partner or ex-partner, make payments for my child?
  • How do I merge two existing accounts?
  • How to add mobile numbers to your Parent Pay account?


Help with Parent Pay  

Please see below guidance notes


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T: 0151 652 8498

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