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Our English Vision
At Townfield we aim to deliver a high quality English curriculum that gives children the best possible opportunities to become confident and successful readers and writers with a deep love and understanding of the English language. We believe the development of reading and writing is central to improving a child's life chances. 

Pupils begin learning to read and write as soon as they start school in F1. They begin to develop pre-writing skills through daily fine and gross motor skills activities: ‘dough disco’ and scrimbling. Pupils are encouraged to make marks and attribute meaning in all areas of provision. Early phonics; the foundation of reading, is taught daily through F1, F2 and Y1 with catch up programs for any Y2 and Y3 pupils who require additional support. We believe that these building blocks to reading and writing are crucial to developing literate pupils.

From F2 – Y6 we use the English scheme ‘Read to Write’, an evidence-based teaching of writing through comprehensive units that have been carefully constructed so the entire statutory curriculum for English is covered. The scheme empowers teachers to provide high-quality teaching of writing through high-quality literature. Detailed units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities within and across the curriculum. 

We aim to develop pupils who can reflect upon and edit their writing in response to feedback. We teach the pupils to evaluate their work against success criteria so they can strive to adjust and improve their writing outcomes.

Guided reading is taught in groups daily using high quality texts that are closely matched to pupils reading ability. In addition to this, we have a team of teaching assistants and volunteers who read 1:1 with pupils. Class teachers ensure that the pupils are read a story or class novel most days so that they have access to high level vocabulary and the pleasure of hearing a story out loud.

We aim to provide our pupils with enrichment opportunities within the English curriculum including visiting the pantomime at Christmas, watching performances from drama companies in school, taking part in school productions and visiting the theatre to watch plays.

We teach children at Townfield to write using a cursive script. We know that using a cursive script helps most children become more confident, fluent writers and also helps improve spelling. We believe that good presentation skills are important as we want children to value their own work.

We are committed to ensuring we do our very best to help the children in our care become creative writers and successful readers. 

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