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Staffing Structure


Staffing Structure 2023/24


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 Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Loftus  

Deputy Headteacher, EYFS Lead,   REMAT Curriculum Lead: Mrs Durham   

Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO, Attendance: Mrs Kinnear

School Business Manager  REMAT Procurement Manager:  Mrs Murphy    

Miss Parry - Senior teacher

Mr Chalmers - Senior Teacher

Mrs Dixon – Senior Teacher


Central REMAT 

Mrs G Donaldson: Chief Executive Officer

Mr J Ray: Chief Operating Officer

Mrs A Durham: Trust Curriculum Lead

Mr M Power: Trust Curriculum Lead

Mr G White: Trust School Improvement Lead




Early Years Foundation Stage


Early Years Lead: Mrs Durham


N1/N2 Teacher: Mrs Duckitt

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cannon, Miss Amis, Ms Main, Mrs Shaw


Reception Teacher Miss Johnson

Teaching Assistant Mrs Leonard and Mrs Martin

Reception Teacher Miss McLoughlin

Teaching Assistants: Miss Rossiter and Mrs Martin



Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Lead: Mrs Dixon


1D Teacher Mrs Dixon

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Williams

1C Teacher Mrs Carey

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Whitehead


 2B Teacher Miss Byatt

Teaching Assistant: Miss Whitty

2MJ Teacher Mrs Mathieson & Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Carolan

2JB Teacher: Mrs Jones & Mrs Buckley

Teaching Assistant: Miss Carter


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Lead: Miss Parry


3M Teacher: Mr McNally

3C Teacher: Ms Carr

Teaching Assistant: Ms Magee

3S Teacher: Mrs Simmons

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Anderson


4H Teacher: Miss Hughes

4D Teacher: Miss Dowling

Teaching Assistant: Miss Griffiths


5R Teacher: Mr Rosser

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cavanagh

5W Teacher: Miss Williams

Teaching Assistant: Miss Butler


 6P Teacher: Mr Chalmers

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jump

6P Teacher: Miss Parry

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lee


Safeguarding Lead & Learning Mentor:  Mrs Keenan

Sports Coach: Miss Rowe

Forest Staff: Mrs Hancox & Miss Walker


Administration Team

Mrs McIlroy

Mrs Black

Miss Derbyshire

Premises Team

Mr Stratton: Site Manager

Mr Gilligan


Kitchen Team

Mrs Colligan:  Catering Manager

Mrs Skelton

Mrs Vick

Miss Clarke

Miss Holt

Mrs Taylor

Mid Day Assistants


Miss Wright

Mrs Hanley

Mrs Budworth


Wrap Around Care


Miss Rowe

Mrs Hanley

Ms Amis

Miss Main

Miss Griffiths

Miss Holt

Miss Wright

Mrs Pennington

Miss Carter

Mrs Skelton






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