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RE Intent

Townfield Primary School follows the Liverpool Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The syllabus aims to allow pupils to explore themes and concepts within religion drawing on beliefs from a range of different faiths and world views. The Liverpool SACRE has produced a syllabus which is intended to be fully inclusive. The aim of Religious Education is not to make believers out of pupils but to educate and inform; the syllabus is designed in a way to be reflective and inclusive. It is the essence of these statements that provide the direction of our intent: we want pupils and staff to engage in meaningful conversations that build understanding of the world and the belief systems held by the people within it. These should promote the acceptance and understanding of others as we strive to create harmony within our lives and the world in which we live.

RE Implementation 

Our RE lessons have been carefully planned to be inclusive for all and are taught in each year group on a weekly basis. Our RE plans adopt an enquiry based approach to teaching and learning. Christianity is taught in every year group with other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. In KS2, humanist and Atheist perspectives are added when appropriate in some enquiries. Each enquiry unit demands the equivalent of 6 lessons and has a learning objective which shows the learning over the enquiry and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development opportunities are mapped throughout as is each enquiry’s contribution to the British Values agenda.


Autumn Term 1


Wirral Foodbank

This term in R.E., the children will be learning about Harvest and the celebration of the food that is grown on the land. Harvest is an important time of year for food banks, where they are able to provide emergency food and support to people in crisis. Townfield Primary School will mark this season by working alongside Wirral Foodbank.

FB1.jpeg FB2.JPG FB3.JPG FB5 (1).JPG FB6.JPG FB7.jpg 

Thank you to everyone who donated food to the food bank! We have donated an amazing 266.20kg worth of food!

Year 1: Harvest (making links to Christianity, Judaism and Islam)

The children have began to understand that the food they eat comes from different cultures and modern transport has made the availablitiy of food from different countries. They understand what the Chritians Communiunity is and that Harvest is a time they show thanks to God for all the food he provides. The children understand that some people do not have enough food to eat and that some charaties help others in need to feed themselves. Year 1 have made links to Islam in this topic and explored what Zakat (one of the five pillars of Islam) means and how this can help struggling families achieve a healthy harvest. In this topic, Year have also explored how Jewish people celebrate Sukkot after the harvest has been gathered. The children have learnt how Jewish people prepare for this festival and what objects are needed to create a Sukkah to give thanks to God for the food and shelter. 

                  IMG_0309.JPG IMG_0312.JPG IMG_0316.JPG IMG_0563[1].JPG

                IMG_0564[1].JPG  IMG_0600[1].jpg  IMG_0595[2].jpg

Year 2: The Bible (making links with Christianity, Judaism, Islam)

During this R.E. topic, the children in Year 2 began to understand that whatr makes books special and that a Bible is a special holy book to Christians. They have learnt that the Bible is not just one book but many books put together, including poetry, history, letters, stories, the law, advice/wisdom. The chidldren have also explored what the Torah is and why it is important to the Jewish people. They have learnt that the Torah contains 613 commandments that Jews must follow in their everyday lives and why rules in general are important. Year 2 bagan to understand what the Qur'an is and why it is important in Islam. They have developed an awareness that some people turn to God for help when they are in need. 

Year 2.jpg Year 2 2.jpg Year 2 1(1).jpg

Year 3: Harvest (making links with Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism)

Year 3 children are building on their knowledge of Harvest from KS1. They have been exploring how they can say thanks for many things in their lives just as Christians who say thanks to God for all that he provides. The children have also began to understand the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi during Spring time and know that different religions celebrate harvest at different times of the year. Year 3 have also explored the festival of Sukkot and understand that it reminds Jews that there is only one real source of security and protection, and that is God. 

                       IMG_0697.jpg IMG_0689.JPG IMG_0691(1).JPG

Year 4: God, David and the Psalms

In Year 4, the children have been retelling the story of Samuel who anoints David the Shepard and understand why God chose David. The children have bagn to understand what qualities are important in a successful leadership. The children have learnt the story of Jonathan's loyalty towards David and have explored that Jesus whats others to love their friends as they love themselves. In Year 4, the children have learnt all about the story of David when he becomes King and the errors of judgement he has made. They have understood that when people do not focus on God, it is easy to make mistakes. The children have learnt that God forgives people for their mistakes and wants people to recognise and admit when they have done something wrong. 

IMG_E0612[1](1).JPG IMG_E0611[1].JPG IMG_E0610[1].JPG     

Year 5: Daniel - Did he make the right choice?

In Year 5, the children have been learning the Biblical story about Daniel held as captive. They have began to understand that some people have to leave their homes against their will such as, slaves, trafficking and regugees and how this can make people feel (upset, lonliness, uncertainty, fear and sadness. The children have also explored the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into a Fiery Furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar. They have learnt that it is believed by some people if they follow God, he will protect them no matter what. Year 4 have further learnt about the story of Daniel disobeying a newly made law by the king and that religon cannot interfere in affairs of state and the state cannot interfere in religious affairs. 

year 5.jpg YEAR 51.jpg IMG_0603[1].JPG    

Year 6: Ideas about God (making links with Christianity, Islam and Hinduism)

This half term, Year 6 learnt all about why Allah has 99 names and compared this with how God is worshiped. The children had to create their own worship song, exploring images and description which attemps to exaplain the majesty of God as perceived by those who have faith. Year 6 also explored the Christian ideas about God and Christian Celtic Spirituality. They have began to undersyand that Celtic Knots are continuous loops which have no start or ending and we said to represent eternity in loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Year 6 have began to understand the Hindu belief that there is one God with many different aspects.

                        Y6 (1).JPG Y6 (2).JPG Y6 (3).JPG   


Autumn Term 2


Special visitors from Laird Street Baptist Church

Pastors from Laird Street Baptist Church kindly volunteered to come into our school and retell the Christmas story to our children. They sung carol songs with a guitar, used puppets, stories and even gave all the children gifts. A very special thanks to Cath, Audrey and Ken for taking up your precious time to support the children's learning about the Christmas story.

                                            RE 2.JPG    RE 9.JPG    RE 4.JPG

Nursery:  Celebrations - Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas

Nursery have been exploring the topic of celebrations. They enjoyed exploring Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas as part of this topic. They enjoyed celebrating Diwali the most as we enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita. The children learnt about different cultures and tried traditional foods, games and traditions. 

                                            Diwali 2.jpg    Diwali 3.jpg    Autumn - Diwali.jpg

Reception:  Celebrations - Diwali, Eid, birthday, Christmas

Reception have looked at different celebrations - Diwali, Eid, birthdays, Christmas. They had a parent come in and talk about the celebrations of Eid and they also made salt dough lamps for the festival of light.


           77AC4010-43DE-4C22-9EBE-125CEB43DDD3.jpeg     5B8DC69C-983D-46D2-A882-600589651F3C.jpeg    D6EFA046-5A27-478A-810A-5925FF783DDB.jpeg   F0CA52D6-4CC6-435A-AD01-92F56B9BBA77.jpeg


Year 1: Why do we recieve and give gifts? (Making links with Christianity and Islam)

This half term, Year 1 learnt that that gifts are a act of kindness and that some gifts are for everyone, such as a new arrival of a baby and what this means to welcome a baby into the world. They started to learn about how God sent Angel Gabriel to give Mary the message that the birth of Jesus would be a gift for the world. Year 1 then explored the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, where Mary would give birth to Jesus in a stable. They also began to understand that the Shepherds were the first ones to be told about the birth of Jesus.

                         IMG_0596.JPG    IMG_0597.JPG    IMG_0595.JPG

Year 2: Why was the birth of Jesus such good news? 

This half term, Year 2 learnt that news took longer to share in biblical times because people did not have the technology. They have also discussed how God sent prophets and angels to share news. Year 2 have explored what news angel Gabriel gave to Zechariah and Mary. The children have begun to understand how long Joseph’s and Mary’s  journey took to Bethlehem from Nazareth and what it was like for them to travel that far over 2000 years ago. Year 2 will understand that the Three Wise Men did not arrive to see Jesus at the same time as the shepherds, but some time later. 

     Y2 2.jpg    Y2.jpg  Y2 3(1).jpg

Year 3: God is with us

This term, Year 3 have explored how God shows many ways he is present, even though people cannot see him. Thet have explored how God sent Angel Gabriel to visit Zechariah and Mary to tell them the good news about their new baby. The children have discussed how advent is all about preparing for Christmas and that it is an important part of the Christian calendar. They have begun to understand advent means 'coming' and it's the period before Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus. Year 3 have learnt the story of Papa Panov and how he put others before himself.

                                         IMG_0577.JPG    IMG_0578.JPG    IMG_0579.JPG

Year 4: Exploring the theme of light 

During this term, Year 4 have explored why Jesus is described as the ‘Light of the World’ in the Christian Bible. They have also discussed how they can spread Jesus’ light to others who may be in darkness. The children have learnt how the Jewish people around the world celebrate the winter festival of Hanukkah and that this is an eight-day holiday where Jews celebrate their victory over King Antiochus who tried to destroy their identity and culture. Year 4 have learnt why light is an important theme in other religions as well as Christianity, such as Diwali. 

                                           IMG_0584.JPG    IMG_0585.JPG    IMG_0586.JPG

Year 5: The Gospels of Luke and Matthew / Christmas around the world 

This term, Year 5 have begun to understand what the Magnificat is (The Canticle of Mary). They have learnt that even though Mary was not rich and powerful, God still chose her because she was humble and trusted full in God as her master. The children explored in Luke’s Gospel, that  the shepherds were the first to hear about the birth of Jesus and that they were not considered to be a privileged position in society. Year 5 have learnt that this shows the message of Jesus was for all people, even those considered to be insignificant or marginalised. They also begun to understand how Christmas is celebrated around the world and know the story of Saint Nicholas - the real Santa Claus.

                                           IMG_0574.JPG    IMG_0575.JPG    IMG_0576.JPG

Year 6: How do Christians prepare for Christmas 

This term, Year 6 have learnt about what advent is and how Christans prepare for Christmas. They have focused the three main themes for advent are: the prophets, John the baptist, Mary and God’s people. The children have begun to understand that John the Baptist was an important spokesman for God, what it means to be baptised and that John baptised Jesus in the River Jordan. Year 5 have also learnt that that Mary was the mother of the Messiah, Jesus Christ and that she was a willing servant, trusting in God and obeying his call. They have also explored how Mary would have been feeling as the mother of Jesus throughout his life (mixed emotions: fear, anxiety, confused, patient).

                                             IMG_0587.JPG    IMG_0588.JPG   IMG_0589.JPG


Spring Term 


Nursery - Why is Easter celebrated?

Nursery have been learning and celebrating Easter. They learnt the Easter story and talked about how eggs represent new life. Nursery have built on this knowledge by watching their duckling hatch and grow. The children also decorated their own Easter eggs as well as Easter biscuits.

Easter nursery.png

Reception - Why is Easter celebrated?

Chidren in Reception made chocolate Easter nests and talked about how Easter is all about new life. 

Easter reception.png


Year 1 - Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?

Year 1 learnt some simple ideas about Muslim beliefs about God and re-tell a story about the life of the Prophet Muhammad. They have been able to ecognise some objects used by Muslims and suggest why they are important, such as a Qur'an and qibla compass. Year 1 have been identifying some ways Muslims mark Ramadan and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr and how this might make them feel. They also explored why Christians celebrate Easter and how this festival is the same and different to Eid-ul-Fitr. Year 1 have begun to ask simple questions of right and wrong and have started to express their ideas and opinions in response.




Year 2- Who is a Christian and what do they believe?

Year 2 have been able to recoognise some simple ideas about Christian beliefs about God and Jesus. They have learnt that Christians believe in one God,follow the the teachings of Jesus Christ and the bible, the Holy Trinity and that many Christians believe God is seen as ‘perfect’. They have been able to recognise some Christian symbols and images that are used to express ideas about God. Year 2 have explored Jesus as a story teller and the issues of good and bad, right and wrong arising from the stories and how they influence Christians.

RE Spring 2.png


Year 3- Why are festivals important to religious communities?

In Year 3, the children have explored the three events that make Holy Week a special time for Christians (the triumphant entry, his crucifixion and his resurrection). They have also learnt about the three symbols that tell them about the story of Easter (palm leaf, crown of thorns, empty cross) and beliefs associated with the Pesach festival. Year 3 have learnt about the story behind and symbols and beliefs associated with the Holi festival. They have been able to identify similarities and differences in the way the  festivals of Easter and Holi are celebrate. Year 3 have been encouraged to explore and suggest ideas about what is worth celebrating and remembering in religious communities and in their own lives.



Year 4 - Who is a Sikh person and what do they believe?

Year 4 have learnt about how Sikhism was founded and why Sikhs follow the Guru Granth Sahib. They have learnt that Guru Granth Sahib represents the collected wisdom of all gurus and how the Sikhs bow to the Guru Granth Sahib and sit below it. They have explored how the festival of Vaisakhi is still celebrated today. Year 4 have also been encouraged to ask some questions about how Sikhs look after their special book. Year 4 have also focused on the caste system and are aware that it is still happening now. 



Year 5 - What would Jesus do? (Can we live by the values of Jesus in the twenty-first century?)

Year 5 have explored Jesus’ teaching on how his followers should live and why he was so inspiring to many Christians. They have looked at interpretations of two of Jesus’ parables and discussed what they might teach Christians about how to live. Year 5 have explored how the impact Jesus’ example and teachings might have on Christians today and have expressed their own understanding of what Jesus would do in relation to a moral dilemma from the world today.

RE Spring WWJD .png


Year 6 - What do religions say to us when life gets hard?

Year 6 have raised some thoughtful questions and suggested some answers about life, death, suffering, and what matters most in life. They have expressed ideas about how and why religion can help believers when times are hard and gave some examples of this. Year 6 have explored how different religions support their followers through hard times. They have begun to understand the meaning behind key language related with life after death. For example: judgement / heaven / hell karma / reincarnation / samsara / moksha and how these could affect the way people live. 

Summer Term 1



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