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Mastery at  Townfield Primary School!



Our Maths Intent

At Townfield Primary School, we follow the national curriculum and have invested in a ‘Maths Mastery Approach’ using the ‘Maths No Problem scheme.’ Our curriculum is ambitious; our high ceiling and expectations enable all pupils including those with SEN and those who are disadvantaged to achieve. More able learners are also given the opportunities to excel in terms of their acquisition of long-lasting knowledge and understanding, and mastery of core mathematical skills.

Problem solving, fluency and relational understanding are at the heart of the scheme. It uses the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach and allows pupils to spend enough time to fully explore a topic, reinforcing it with practise, before moving onto the next one.  All ideas are built on previous knowledge and pupils have ample opportunity to develop relationships between topics.

Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding, subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. We have created end points for each topic and milestones for the end of each year to show what pupils should know and can do. As the children move to the next year group, the next teacher then knows where to start. 

Pupils come from a mixed urban area of Wirral. To build pupils’ cultural capital, we prepare children with the knowledge and skills for what comes next.  We realise the exploration of new skills and experiences helps to nurture resilience, curiosity, and creativity. Ultimately, this leads to the growth of new forms of cultural capital that makes a difference in individual mindsets and shapes the future.

Our core values: resilience, respect and responsibility are continually developed through all maths learning experiences.


Find out more from the Maths No Problem website




The children in Reception have recently been exploring the number 3. They explored different ways of arranging coloured counters to make three. Children were encouraged to try and explain their arrangement e.g. two on the top and one on the bottom, a diagonal line, all in a row, stacked up in a pile, they rotated them around and then discussed if each representation was still three.

Kw recep 2.JPG                            Kw recep1.JPG                         Kw recep 3.JPG

Year 1

In year 1 this term, we have been learning to count, recall, write, order and make numbers to 10. We have also been linking numbers to their names (up to 10)


KW maths Y1.JPG            KW maths Yr1.JPG            KW maths Ye1.JPG

Year 2

In Year 2, we have been counting to one hundred; developing our knowledge of Place Value; comparing numbers; counting in steps of 2,10, 3 and 5; applying knowledge of number to solve problems; adding tens and recognising its relationship to adding ones; adding 2-digit numbers

KWy2.JPG                            KwYear 2.JPG                              Kwyr2.JPG

Year 3   

In Year 3 this term, we have been using dienes to help us to add 3-digit numbers with renaming.


KW maths y3.JPG                      Kw maths yr3.JPG


Year 4

This term in Year 4, have been focusing on place value and the representation of each digit in a number. 

k maths yr4.JPG                              Kw maths y4(1).JPG                               Kw maths yr4.JPG

Year 5

We have 


Year 6

In Year 6, we have been refining our knowledge of place value, working with numbers between 1 000 000 and 10 000 000. We have been writing numbers to 10 000 000 using number discs, numerals and words. We then had to round and compare numbers to 10 000 000, followed by placing them in order from smallest to greatest. 

Kw Y6 maths.JPG              KW yea6 maths.JPG              Kw yr6 maths.JPG

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