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Science Intent


We follow the National Curriculum and have made some enhancements such as visits to the Liverpool World Museum, Ness Gardens and local garden centres as well as opportunities to develop science during woodland learning sessions. All pupils study Science including those who have SEN and/or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. The pupils gain knowledge about how to ask scientific questions, plan experiments, ensure tests are fair and record and evaluate results every year. We have built our own scheme of work which builds in complexity so that pupils can build their skills and knowledge. Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. We have created end points for each topic and milestones for the end of each year to show what pupils should know and can do. As the children move to the next year group, the next teacher then knows where to start. 


Pupils come from a mixed urban area of Wirral. We have selected famous scientists to study, male and female, who share the context of the pupils. To build pupils’ cultural capital, they also study the work of scientists who are nationally important. Our core values; resilience, respect and responsibility are continually developed through all science learning experiences.


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Year 1


This term year1 have been studing materials.  They have been investigating which material would work best for keeping an egg safe when dropping from a height and they have been experimenting which area of school will make a cube of ice melt at the slowest rate.


Year 2


This term, as part of their habitat topic, year 2 have looked at food chains, created different habitats for wood lice to see which one they prefer and classified things as alive, dead or never alive.

Year 3 


This term Year 3 have been learning all about magnets.  They have investigated the strength of different magnets, learnt about magnetic poles and created fantastic magnet mazes which they tested on their friends.


Year 4

States of matter

The topic for this half term for year 4 was states of matter. They learnt about how particles behave differently when they are a solid, liquid or gas, they investigated how they can change the speed of evaporation and studied the water cycle,


Year 5


Year 5 had a fantastic time learning about forces.  They tested water resistance by making different shaped boats out of polystyrene, created parachutes to experiment with air resistance and learnt all about the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton.


Year 6


In year 6, they learnt all about electrictiy this term.  They tested circuits to see if they would work using buzzers, measured resistance using different lenght of wires and researched diffrent historcal electrical figures such as Volta and Eddison.

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