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Woodland Learning

At Townfield we are extremely fortunate to have our own beautiful woodlands.   Our forest like area is not only a beautiful open space, providing our children with an amazing additional learning environment, but is also home to our wider community... bugs and wildlife! 


Our Woodland Learning page under the curriculum section is regularly updated with any learning activies for our children. 


We have a fantastic dedicated team of Woodland Leaders, Mrs Hancox and Miss Fairclough who are in our forest, come rain or shine.  They work hard to ensure children not only get the best out of their Woodland Learning lessons, but also get the best out of their woodland experiences.   


Our Woodland Learning is part of our curriculum all year round and children love being out in the sunshine, getting muddy in the rain and even getting toasty by the fire (if they are lucky they may even get a smore or two!). Children love not only exploring and playing in our woodland area, but also learn through their experiences outdoors without even realising the valuable skills they are gaining.  


How are children learning when they look like they are just having fun?

Having fun is a part of learning.  In addition to enjoying Woodland Learning sessions, children learn valuable skills such as listening to instructions, waiting their turns, learning to work as part of team and thinking outside the box.   Children thrive when they are enjoying themselves!  Our Woodland Learning page under the cirriculum section is regularly updated with any learning activies for our children. 


What year groups benefit from Woodland Learning?

All our classes have dedicated sessions, including nursery. 


What about bad weather?

That would depend on your definition of "bad" weather.  Children are timetabled for Woodland Learning all year round - so whether it is sunny or raining, hot or cold children will be able to enjoy the benefits of outside learning.   Keeping Woodland Learning enjoyable is all about dressing for the occasion, so in the summer hats and suncream is required and in the winter extra layers are required.    Your child's safety is however paramount and in cases of high winds or weather warnings, the decision may be taken to close our forest area for that day.  If this is the case, school will keep you informed. 


 What should my child wear?

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for Woodland Learning days.   As the unpredictable nature of the whether means even in warmer months, we can experience heavy rainfall or low temperatures, please ensure your child arrives at school with the most appropriate clothing for the weather on that day. 

Being correctly dressed means your child is free to enjoy and explore as much as possible.   



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