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Here is a selection of our learning in English from this term:

Nursery- mark making

In writing the children in Nursery are learning to mark make and give meanings to what they are drawing and writing. They have been learning how to form circles and vertical lines using their scrimbling sessions. 

MM.jpg MM1.jpg MM2.jpg

MM3.jpg MM4.jpg MM5.jpg

Reception- Room on the Broom

The children have been creating rhyming pairs and writing a magic potion. 

m_o_115951_sxex716344b980zyy99gf7vqa0pny4dz.jpg m_o_115960_r27nshggdhjeh1st0r0v9j682txn7bez.jpg m_o_115969_y7phrr6azny7g727r810bktce76g0qx8.jpg

m_o_115970_3jtdhek9a4px9gnwhb6t9z1b430jnp31.jpg  m_o_115971_0vgrtk4m9bnpb0j50yhckprw6vtjbnyj.jpg m_o_115952_sf96e51m6shwqf9r6nmd74jkfhwker56(1).jpg



Year 1 English - Major Glad Major Dizzy

The Y1 children have been writing 'finding' stories and recount mesages.

Year 1 have been exploring a book called Major Glad, Major Dizzy. The story is about two old toy soldiers who are left under the floorboards of a very old house during the war. When the children who owned the toys had grown up and had children of their own, the children discovered the old toys and by accident.

Our children have really enjoyed exploring new vocabulary from the book and have been writing sentences to show their understanding of this. They have been learning all about nouns and adjectives and have incorporated this knowledge into creating their own 2A noun phrases and writing their own story. They have also been imagining how the characters are feeling throughout the story and creating freeze frames to depict key scenes from the book. 

IMG_1699.jpg  IMG_1700.jpg  IMG_1703.jpg

IMG_1650.jpg IMG_1651.jpg

Year 2 English - A River 

Year 2 have been very busy planning and writing their first draft for their circular narrative  'A River'.  They have had lots of fun applying the noun phrases, similies and repeated phrases we found on their own journeys.
IMG_0070.JPG  IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0073.JPG


Year 3 - The Iron Man

 Year 3 have been working hard to publish their writing, they have been writing a Threat Narrative, which was based on the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children were challenged to use noun phrases and similes. 


Year 4 - The Whale

Year 4 have been writing Newspaper reports about a Whale attack! They have been editing and redrafting their work. 

IMG_1590.jpeg IMG_1591.jpeg IMG_1588.jpg


Year 5 -Where we once Stood

Year 5 have been using the vehicle text ‘Where Once We Stood’ to base their writing on this term. This is a non fiction text based around the 1969 moon landing, which they have used to base both a narrative exploration and a formal report. During the writing phase of their topic, the children have used a model text as a springboard to create a whole class shared write. Every day, the children added another paragraph to their work, responding to feedback as they wrote.


IMG_0473.JPG IMG_0475.JPG

Year 6 - Rose Blanch

The Y6 pupils have been reading Rose Blanch. They have been writing diary entries from the point of view of Rose and how she risked her own life to feed the children. 

IMG_0217.JPG IMG_0218.JPGIMG_0219.JPG

IMG_0220.JPG IMG_0221.JPGIMG_0222.JPG




Nursery pupils have been learning the first set of sounds and are beginning to apply their phonic knowledge in their reading and writing.

ck nursery 2.jpg     ck nursery 3.jpg 

 ck nursery 1.jpg   ck nursery 4.jpg    ck nursery 5.jpg


Reception children have been reading the beautiful friendship story ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies. They have explored the story through role-play and have looked at the structure of the narrative then written their own friendship stories based on the structure of ‘The Storm Whale’.

  ck r 2.jpg   ck r 3.jpg   

ck r 5.jpg    ck r 6.jpg

Year 1

Year 1 pupils have been reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’; a portal story by Maurice Sendak. They have been learning how to use conjunctions such as and, because, so and but to join clauses and are developing their use of punctuation.


ck 1 5.jpg  ck 1 2.jpg   ck 1 4.jpg    ck 1 5.jpg

ck 1 3.jpg

Year 2

Year 2 have been reading our new book 'The Bog Baby'. We have been exploring the text and The Bog Baby's habitat to dscuss what he might look like. We have also been been using freeze frames to show how we might feel if were to discover The Bog Baby.

Year 3

Year 3 have been reading ‘Jemmy Button’ by Valerio Vidali. They have written return narratives and letters. Y3 pupils have learnt how to write in paragraphs, use prepositions to express time, place and cause and use inverted commas for direct speech. They have also been learning how to use dictionaries to find key words from the model text. 

IMG_0339.jpg     IMG_0342.jpg    IMG_0343.jpg

      ck 3 4.JPG  ck 3 6.JPG     

Year 4

Year 4 pupils have been reading Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton. They have been creating sentences with fronted adverbials to include in their Myth Narrative. 

IMG_0207.jpg    IMG_0208.jpg  IMG_0209.jpgIMG_0211.jpg


Year 5

Literacy Spring.png

After reading 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies, Year 5 have been learning how to write narrative and newspaper reports. In our narrative unit, the children focused on vocabulary and SPag skills such as abstract nouns, direct speech and reported speech. The children planned their own tale of hopelessness about a bleak landscape, with a character searching for hope. In their newspaper report unit, the pupils read several examples of this text type, finding key features such as headlines, bylines and introductory paragraphs. The children planned their own newspaper report about somebody who changed the world through positive action.     

Year 6

After reading ‘The Ways of a Wolf’ and ‘The Wolves in the Walls’, the Y6 pupils have learnt how to write a balanced argument . In doing so, pupils have used a wider range of cohesive devices such as the use of conjunctions, adverbials, pronouns and synonyms Use of headings, sub-headings and bullets to structure texts.

     ck 6 2.jpg  ck 6 5.jpg     


    ck 6 7.jpg



Inspired by the different texts they have read, Nursery children have been beginning to blend and segment. They’ve enjoyed exploring non-fiction texts linked to minibeasts, acting out scenes from Handa’s Surprise and also The Enormous Turnip

Picture 1.png

Year 1

As part of the 'Seaside' unit, Year 1 has been learning all about alliteration. They explored seaside scenes and videos in order to gain a deeper understanding of the creatures and the human and physical features of a seaside. They then worked with a partner to create some alliterative noun phrases.  Y1 explored their senses by listening to seaside sounds that helped create an alliteration word bank to refer to in their final written piece.  All of this background learning enabled us to create an alliteration seaside poem.  

Picture 2.png

Year 2

This term Y2 have a new book: 'A River'. The children have become authors and created their own story narrative. The book has beautiful illustrations that have helped with writing detailed descriptive sentences. Y2 have been doing some drama and role play to help  discover what it would be like to float down the river and see all of the amazing things!

Picture 3.png

Year 3

Y3 pupils have been looking at Egyptian mystery narratives. They have analysed the vocabulary they might need, analysed an example text, and then looked at how to show the reader's feelings rather than tell the reader's feelings.

Picture 4.png

Year 4

Year 4 have been using a gorgeous book called ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ as a stimulus for their writing.  The pupils have written some beautifully twisted fairytales where the endings are not the original ones that we all know and love. They had to carefully consider the characters and how to convey their different personalities by describing their actions, how they speak, and what they are saying.  They have also written persuasive letters to the witch in the hope of appealing to her better nature and getting them back for Jub. The letters contained fabulous emotive language, imperative verbs, and fronted adverbials to organise their paragraphs.  

Picture 7.png

Year 5

Year 5 explored The Lost Book of Adventure, a book about survival and exploration. They then wrote their own survival narrative using cohesive devices to up-level their learning. They also created their own survival guide, after identifying and researching skills that they would need to survive in the wild.

Picture 5.png

Year 6 

During this term, Y6 have studied Shackleton's Journey. Using the text they have written their own Endurance narrative and Magazine Article. Pupils have focused on grammar: antonyms and synonyms; formal and informal language; the formal tone of speech, and the use of passive voice. Y6 have also studied features of the texts, including linking ideas across paragraphs using cohesive devices and the use of heading and subheadings to structure a text.

Picture 6.png





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