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Art and Design

Art Intent

We follow the Early Years Staturtory Framework and the national curriculum and have made some enhancements such as visits to The Grosvenor Museum to sketch Roman artifacts, Liverpool waterfront to study architecture as well as opportunities to develop art during woodland learning sessions. All pupils study Art and Design including those who have SEN and/or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. The pupils gain knowledge about how to design, draw, paint, sculpt, and use paper craft. We have built our own scheme of work which builds in complexity so that pupils can build their skills and knowledge. Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. We have created end points for each topic and milestones for the end of each year to show what pupils should know and can do. As the children move to the next year group, the next teacher then knows where to start. 


Pupils come from a mixed urban area of Wirral. We have selected designers and artists to study, male and female, who share the context of the pupils. To build pupils’ cultural capital, they also study the work of designers and artists who are nationally important. 


Autumn Term


The children used glitter to make representations of the fireworks that they saw on Bonfire Night. The children also enjoyed experimenting with printing as they created their own wrapping paper for their Christmas presents.

A1 fireworks 1.jpg  A1 fireworks 2.jpg  A1 fireworks 3.jpg  Wrapping paper A2(1).jpg  Wrapping paper A2..jpg


Woodland Log Slice Faces

The children were asked to collect natural materials from the forest to create a woodslice face.

Nursery 1a.JPG   Nursery 2a.JPG



Woodland Leaf Crowns

The children were encouraged to collect a variety of leaves from the woodland and arrange them creatively to make a crown.

Rec 1a.JPG  Rec 2a.JPG

Year 1   Ourselves – Photography/Mixed Media

This term the children learnt about portraits. They developed their drawing techniques and drew self-portraits. They then used photography and mixed media to create portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.


Woodland Minibeasts

The children collected natural materials from the woodland to create pictures of minibeasts.

Year 1 2a.JPG  Year 1 a.jpg  Year 1a.JPG


Year 2   Fire! Fire!  – Drawing/Painting/Collage

Throughout the topic, the children studied paintings of the Great Fire of London, in particular, the work of Rita Greer. The children took inspiration from her work to create their own pieces. Their final pieces gave them the opportunity to develop their mixed media skills and study how to use different materials to collage.  


Woodland Leaf Hangings

Using leaves and twigs from the woodland, the children attached them together with twine to create a natural leaf hanging.

Year 2 3a.JPG  Year 2 1a.JPG  Year 2 4a.JPG

Year 3   Ruthless Romans-Drawing/Painting/Mosaics

The children learnt that we know how the Romans lived by looking at their art forms. They developed their sketching skills to produce illustrations of Roman soldiers and shields.  They had opportunities to find out about the patterns they used and how they decorated their villas using mosaics. The children also studied the architect Antoni Gaudi, to explore how he used patterns, shapes and vibrant colours in his mosaics. For their final piece, the children created simple mosaic designs using stone tiles.


Woodland Plant Presses

The children used colourful pressed petals to create a decorative wood slice. 

Small Wood Slices Y3  2a.jpg  Small Wood Slices Y3a.jpg

Year 4   Turdors – Tudors-Drawings/Painting/Collage

The children studied the work of Holbein and had the opportunity to develop their portrait skills to produce a portrait of Henry the VIII or one of his wives, in the style of Gustav Klimt.


Woodland Leaf Wreath

The children collect different coloured and shaped leaves from the woodland and attached them to a foam wreath using cocktail sticks to hold them in place.

Year 4 2a.jpg  Year 4 1a.JPG 

Year 5    Victorians-Drawing/Printing

This term the children learnt about, and took inspiration from the English artist, William Morris. They completed observational drawings of flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe and demonstrated their sketching skills, using a range of pencils and use of watercolours. For their final piece, the children developed their studies into a print designs using ‘pressprint’ tiles.


Woodland Pebble Hangings

The children used woodland tools to chop twigs to suitable sizes which they then used to create twig and pebble hangings. 

Year 5 2a.jpg  Year 5 1a.JPG

Year 6   Battling Britain World War 2 - Drawing/Sculpture  

The children developed their art techniques in life drawing, demonstrating control of pencil, pastels and charcoal to create sketches in the style of Henry Moore - bringing some of the events of war to life. They then progressed to creating 3d sculptures based on their life drawings, in the style of Henry Moore.


Woodland Log and Leaf Hanging

The children used woodland  tools to chop branches into suitable sizes, which could be joined and suspended using hooks. Twine and leaves were then attached to create hangings. 

Year 6.jpg  Year 6 2a.jpg

Spring Term


The children were challenged to draw simple representations. They thought carefully about what they wanted to draw and used pictures as references. 

Forest S1.jpg  Laptop S2.jpg  Caterpillar S1.jpg

Reception    Journey to the Lost Garden - Observational drawings   

Children were given the opportunity to study caterpillars and other invertebrates using magnifying glasses. They discussed shape, colour and features such as number of legs and their position before creating observational drawings. 


Year 1   Habitats/Plants - Sculpture/Printing

The children learnt about different kinds of nature sculptures and explored the work of Andy Goldsworthy. They also used natural materials to master skills in: model making, observational drawings, and group sculpture building. The children went on to study the work of Henri Matisse to create individual printed pieces, which enabled them to consider shape and texture for their clay leaf sculptures.


Year 2    Fighting Fit/Role Models- Sculpture

As a starting point, the children looked at images of Florence Nightingale carrying a lantern. They explored the history of lanterns within cultures, completed observational drawings of lanterns and created their own designs using withies and wet strength tissue paper.

   Lantern 5.jpg  Lanterns 1.jpg Lanterns 4.jpg Lanterns 3.jpg

Year 3    Scavengers and Settlers –Drawing/Painting

The children had the opportunity to explore the history and style of cave paintings. They created stained, textured paper which their paint, chalk and charcoal images were created on. The children also looked at a variety of Aboriginal artists and their art, in particular, the symbols, shapes, colours and techniques which they then used to create their own piece of cave art.


Year 4    Vicious Vikings-Drawing /Sculpture

The children looked in detail at the carvings on longboats, the children carried out detailed sketches of dragon heads, in a variety of media. The children also used graded pencils and chalk pastels to create studies of dragon eyes, before creating a clay model using appropriate clay tools and techniques that demonstrated their progression of skills.


Year 5    Liverpool-Drawing 3D Pop Art/Painting

The children studied the cityscape artists: Charles Fazzino (Pop Art) and Leonid Afremov. They looked at famous Liverpool architecture and experimented with the techniques that Fazzino and Afremov used to create modern, Liverpool cityscape scenes. The children also had the opportunities to develop the 3D Pop Art technique of layering and the skill of palette knife painting.

Art Cityscapes.png


Year 6    The Incredible Mayans-Textiles

The children were given the opportunity to research Mayan images, sculptures and masks. They used pencil, pen, pastels and charcoal to develop their sketching skills. The children independently research Mr Trisno (a renowned Indonesian batik artist) and explored, develop and master the skills of batik. Their final piece was a batik creation of a Mayan image, using wax and fabric inks.


Summer Term 


Woodland Leaf People 

The children were asked to collect different coloured leaves from the forest. They the created leaf people by adding closed shapes and continuous lines for features.

Nursery Woodland Art 2 (2).jpg  Nursery Woodland Art 3 (2).jpg  Nursery Woodland Art 4 (2).jpg  Nursery Woodland Art(1).jpg


The Extraordinary Gardener

Using pencil, pencil crayons and charcoal, the children explored observational drawings. They focused on the shape, colour and size when drawing pictures of plants and animals.

Woodland Stick Animals

The children collected sticks from the forest. Then after colour mixing paints to get the correct colour, they painted their chosen stick. The children discussed how they could create different animal markings and combine different media to create new effects.

Rec Summer Art Woodland.jpg  RC Woodland Summer.jpg  Rec Summer Woodland Art.jpg

Year 1 


The children learnt all about textile techniques.  They focused on weaving to create an individual final piece based on an underwater scene - taking inspiration from crafts people around the world, in particular, Gunta Stolzl. 

Art Y1 1.jpg  Art Y1 2.jpg  Y1 Art Weave.jpg  Y1 Art Weave 2.jpg  Y1 Art Weave 3.jpg

Woodland Clay Pebble Circles

The children manipulated clay into a circle, then looked at patterns within nature to inspire their pebble designs. Once the clay had hardened, they added a beaded hanging loop, using twine.

Yr 1 W Art.jpg  Yr 1 WArt.jpg  Yr 1 WLA.jpg

Year 2 

Wonderful Wirral

The children looked closely at the work of 'The Seaside ' artist, Alfred Wallis. They used pen, pencil and colour pencils to create sketches, before using oil pastels, collage and stitching techniques to create their final seaside compositions.

Art Y2 1.jpg  Art Y2 2.jpg  Art Y2 3.jpg  Art Y2 4.jpg

Woodland Hanging Clay Flower Press

The children discussed the different types of flowers that can be found in our forest. They lookeded at shapes and textures and at which natural materials would create the most effective print when pressed into the clay. Once the clay press had hardened, the children then added a beaded, twine hanging loop.

Y2 WLArt.jpg  Y2 WLA.jpg  Y2 WLArt 2.jpg

Year 3 

Egypt Temples, Tombs and Treasures

The children developed their use of photography and mixed media, including textiles to create Pharaoh portraits. The children took inspiration from the mixed media artist, Derek Gores, to create their final pieces. 

Art Y3 1.jpg  Art Y3 2.jpg  Art Y3 3.JPG  Art Y3 4.jpg  Art Y3 5.jpg

Woodland Aboriginal Inspired (Textile/Painted Sticks)

The children used their knowledge of Aboriginal Art (Scavengers and Settlers topic) to create decorative sticks. They used vibrant colour blocks and attached yarn, before adding detailed patterns using different brush techniques.

Y3 WA.jpg  Y3 WART.jpg  Y3 WLART.jpg

Year 4 

Smashing Saxons and Scots

The children developed their awareness of designers to create Saxon style crosses and brooches, using card and a range of media. They looked at the history of jewellery and designers such as Tiffany & Co, Bulgari and Van Cleef Arpels,  before creating their final pieces.

Art Y4 1.jpg  Art Y4 2.jpg  Art Y4 3.jpg  Art Y4 4.jpg

Woodland Withie/Tissue Plant Hanging

The children experimented with how to manipulate withies to create a closed shape, before securing it with twine and creating a hanging loop. They layered wet strength tissue paper and incorperated natural obects, for example, leaves and grasses to create a carefully considered composition for their plant hanging. 

Y4 WLA.jpg  Y4 WArt.jpg  Y4 WLArt.jpg

Year 5 

Meet The Greeks 

The children were given the opportunity to explore containers made by artists and crafts people. Looking at Greek pots and vases, in particular, they developed their clay skills and decorated their creations with Greek patterns. 

Art Y5 1.jpg  Art Y5 2.jpg  Art Y5 3.jpg  Art Y5 5.jpg

Woodland Clay Tree Faces

The children created mythical 'forest' creature faces out of clay and natural found objects from our woodland area. They attached the clay securely to a tree truck, then moulded the face into shape, adding features and enhancing their creations with leaf crowns and grass beards.

Y5 WLA.JPG  IMG_0472.JPG  IMG_0474.JPG

Year 6 

Native American Art - Printing

The children took inspiration from Native American art; refined their technical and craft skills to produce watercolour studies of  North American landscapes. After studying the print artist, Deborah Harris, the children produce Native American inspired lino prints.

Art Y6 1.jpg  Art Y6 2.jpg  Art Y6 4.jpg  Art Y6 3.jpg  Art Y6 12.jpg

Art Y6 6.jpg  Art Y6 7.jpg  Art Y6 8.jpg  Art Y6 9.jpg

Woodland Native American Art Dream Catchers

The children used their knowledge of how to manipulate withies to create a closed shape for their dream catcher, before adding an internal web using natural twine. They then added strands of feathers and leaves for decoration.

Y6 ArtWDL.jpg  Y6 ArtWood.jpg  Y6 Art Woodland.jpg


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