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Art and Design

Art Intent

We follow the National Curriculum and have made some enhancements such as visits to The Lady Leaver Art Gallery, Liverpool waterfront to study architecture as well as opportunities to develop art during woodland learning sessions. All pupils study Art and Design including those who have SEN and/or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. The pupils gain knowledge about how to design, draw, paint, sculpt, and use paper craft. We have built our own scheme of work which builds in complexity so that pupils can build their skills and knowledge. Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. We have created end points for each topic and milestones for the end of each year to show what pupils should know and can do. As the children move to the next year group, the next teacher then knows where to start. 


Pupils come from a mixed urban area of Wirral. We have selected designers and artists to study, male and female, who share the context of the pupils. To build pupils’ cultural capital, they also study the work of designers and artists who are nationally important. Our core values: resilience, respect and responsibility are continually developed through all art learning experiences.


Autumn Term

Year 1   Ourselves – Photography/Mixed Media

This term the children learnt about portraits. They developed their drawing techniques and drew self-portraits. They then used photography and mixed media to create portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.


Year 2   Fire! Fire!  – Drawing/Painting/Collage

Throughout the topic, the children studied paintings of the Great Fire of London, in particular, the work of Rita Greer. The children took inspiration from her work to create their own pieces. Their final pieces gave them the opportunity to develop their mixed media skills and study how to use different materials to collage.  


Year 3   Ruthless Romans-Drawing/Painting/Mosaics

The children learnt that we know how the Romans lived by looking at their art forms. They developed their sketching skills to produce illustrations of Roman soldiers and shields.  They had opportunities to find out about the patterns they used and how they decorated their villas using mosaics. The children also studied the architect Antoni Gaudi, to explore how he used patterns, shapes and vibrant colours in his mosaics. For their final piece, the children created simple mosaic designs using stone tiles.


Year 4   Turdors – Tudors-Drawings/Painting/Collage

The children studied the work of Holbein and had the opportunity to develop their portrait skills to produce a portrait of Henry the VIII or one of his wives, in the style of Gustav Klimt.


Year 5    Victorians-Drawing/Printing

This term the children learnt about, and took inspiration from the English artist, William Morris. They completed observational drawings of flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe and demonstrated their sketching skills, using a range of pencils and use of watercolours. For their final piece, the children developed their studies into a print designs using ‘pressprint’ tiles.


Year 6   Battling Britain World War 2 - Drawing/Sculpture  

The children developed their art techniques in life drawing, demonstrating control of pencil, pastels and charcoal to create sketches in the style of Henry Moore - bringing some of the events of war to life. They then progressed to creating 3d sculptures based on their life drawings, in the style of Henry Moore.


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