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Admissions & Transfers


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Townfield Nursery 

Admission to Townfield Nursery for children aged 3-4, can be done by requesting a copy of our admission form from the school office or by emailing   Please note admission to our nursery does not entitle any nursery children to automatically meet our school admissions criteria. Admissions to Nursery are coordinated by school and not the Local Authority, as with school applications and transfers.  Our Nursery Admissions Policy can be found below. 


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Townfield Primary School Admissions

Admission to Townfield Primary School can be done by done at the following educational stages for a child:-

1. a child who will be of the appropriate Reception age (aged 4 and over in the September of that academic year); or 

2. a child wishing to transfer during any other time within the school year and can be done by requesting an "in year transfer" via the Local Authority.   


Townfield Primary School are their own admission authority (via Local Academy Councillors / School's Governing Body).  In relation to admissions, Wirral Local Authority acts as the School's Admission Co-ordinator only.  As they co-ordinate all our applications, all applications must be submitted via them, using the Citizen Portal.  See the Local Authority website for more details.    The Admissions Department at Wirral can be contacted be contacted on 0151 666 4600 or  


For admission arrangements in relation to students with disabilities, please refer to our Accessibility Plan - see our SENDCo page for full details. 



Reception Applications - children starting their educational journey 

You can check you are within Townfield Primary School's catchment area via the following link Wirral Council Catchment Checker.    

Please see here for an extract of the Local Authorities policy booklet detailing our admissions policy or below named "TPS Admissions Policy via Wirral Local Authority 2022-2023".



Admission arrangements for Reception children are made through the Local Authority directly. Although they deal with our admissions directly, we can confirm that once a child is of the appropriate age to apply for an Reception (Foundational 2) place, parents are normally notified by leaflet of the application process which is done through the Local Authority - admissions portal (Apply for a Primary School Place - Reception children starting September 2022).  The deadline for applications is 15th January 2022 and the notification date for application decisions will be sent out 10th March 2021.    

See the Wirral Council Reception places timetable below. 

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Secondary School Applications - Year 6 Leavers  

For Year 6 children leaving to start Secondary School, please refer to the Local Authority website for full details - here

Details of the Local Authority Timetable relating to Secondary School Admissions can be found below. 


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Transferring to Townfield Primary from another school - continuing your child's educational journey

Transfers are also dealt with by the Local Authority.  Transfer Request information and application process can be found on the Local Authority website apply for a transfer to a Wirral primary school   You will need to scroll down the page to the section headed, "Apply for transfer to a Wirral primary or secondary school". 


The Local Authority will generally ask that you speak to school to see if there is any availability for an in year transfer and we will be more than happy to answer any queries, however any applications must be made through the Local Authority using their Citizen Portal facility.  School cannot formally deal with any transfer request until we have received this from the Local Authority, as they are our admissions coordinators.   The Admissions Department at Wirral can be contacted be contacted on 0151 666 4600 or   


Please note if you are requesting an in year transfer, we can only accept applications, provided this does not take us over the maximum class numbers as per Government Legislation. 


Information required upon Transferring from to Townfield Primary to Another School  

In the event you are transferring a child at Townfield to another school, in accordance with our Attendance & Punctuality Policy, you are requested to provide school with the following in order that we can fulfil our obligations as a MAT and inform the LA :-

  • provide the Attendance Officer or School Officer with comprehensive information about your plans,
  • should the transfer request be related to a house move, please provide details of your new address and contact numbers
  • details of your child's new school and start date as soon as this is known
  • any other relevant information related to a school transfer 

The above information should be provided in writing.  Failure to do so could result in your child being classed as missing in education; this requires school to then carry out investigations and try to locate your child, which includes in liaising with Children's Services, the Policy and other agencies.  

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Unsuccessful Admission Application to Townfield  

All admission applications are processed fairly and in accordance with the applicable admissions policy for the relevant academic year. Townfield Primary are their own admissions authority regarding any admissions to school, however the Local Authority coordinate our applications on our behalf.   Any admission applications should therefore be made via the Local Authority via the Wirral Council website.  If you have made an application and not been successful, you are entitled to Appeal this decision.     


Rights to Appeal

We would love to offer each and every child a place at Townfield, however applications for places are always oversubscribed resulting in us being unable to offer every applicant a place.  Despite this, all applicants have a right to appeal this decision and have their appeal heard by an Independent Appeals Pannel.   Should you wish to discuss this process or make an appeal please contact Mrs McDowell in our school office. 

The right to appeal for an Independent Admissions Appeal is prescribed by the School Standards and Framework Act, 1988, as amended by the Education Act, 2002. 


Appeal Process for Admission to Townfield  


School Appeals Form  

  • You can find our Appeal Form here  


School Appeals Process/Timetable 

    • You can find our Appeal Process here 


School Appeals Preparation and Information 

  • Where parents/carers have not received an offer for admission following application, they should notify the Local Academy Councillors (Governors) via the School Office of their intention to appeal, ideally within 20 days of receiving this information from the Local Authority, as set out in our Admission Policy (see page 6, item p)
  • Parents/carers will be provided with an Appeals Form which will be where all information regarding the appeal will be collated for onward transmission to an Independent Appeals Panel
  • Within the Appeal Form there will be an opportunity for parents/carer to submit present their case, along with an opportunity to include any information or evidence to support their appeal.  
  • Parents /carers will receive 10 days notice of the Appeal Hearing date, time and venue.   Appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for making an appeal
  • Appeals will be heard by a panel of three or more people at the Appeal Hearing.  The panel will be independent and will be run in accordance with the Appeals Code.  The clerk and panel members will be fully trained in admissions law. 
  • You not receive the outcome of the Appeal at the hearing itself, but the outcome decision will be communicated to you within 10 days. 
  • The Appeal Panel decision is final 

What happens during an Appeal Hearing?

  • The Trust will explain why they turned down the application
  • You will be given an opportunity to give your own reasons as to why your child should be admitted
  • Appeals Panel must decide if the school's admission criteria were properly followed and comply with the School Admissions Code.  
  • You will be sent a letter following the hearing with the decision about your child's school. 

Should you require any assistance whatsoever with the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Townfield - Published Admissions Number

At our last school census our numbers on roll were

  • Nursery               44
  • Main School      470 
  • Whole School    514

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