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School Uniform

Townfield Primary School Uniform 

All children at Townfield Primary School wear their school uniform with pride. It contributes to the school ethos and also provides our children with a sense of belonging sets the appropriate tone. Townfield is committed to preparing children for life in society so we encourage smart appearance and pride within school.

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Our School Uniform & Presentation Policy aims to set out clearly the expectation of the school uniform policy and acceptable appearance and presentation in school.   Our policy is based on the notation that uniform:-
• Supports the school safeguarding and health and safety policies;
• Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
• Engenders a feeling of community and belonging towards the school;
• Identified the children with the school;
• Prevents children from wearing fashion clothes and hairstyles that may be distracting;
• Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
• Is regarding as suitable and good value for money
• Is practical, smart and designed with safety in mind

Academic School Uniform  (day to day)

Full details of all uniform can be found below:-


Activities Uniform (PE & Woodland) 


School's PE and Woodland Learning uniform has now been combined to make uniform easier for parents/carers and also ensure continuity within school reducing any unnecessary pressure on parents/carers and children.   

Children who do not attend wearing the correct uniform, will not be able to take part in PE or Woodland Learning for Health and Safety reasons.

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The only addition to standard PE uniform for Woodland Learning is the addition of waterproof over clothing and wellies.   Below is some further useful information regarding Woodland Learning. 


Woodland Learning

Woodland Learning is part of our curriculum for all years at Townfield from Nursery right up to Year 6 and is something we are proud of.   Children thoroughly enjoy this someone unique addition to our curriculum.   


Woodland Learning takes place all year round, in all weathers.   It is therefore essential that children wear the correct uniform for Woodland Learning sessions.  Children should wear their PE uniform (hoodie, polo and joggers) but also bring in waterproof over-clothing and wellies.    Depending upon the season, children may also require some other additional items. 



  • Waterproof drawstring bag to bring wellies/waterproofs in*
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Long sleeved polo/tshirt is required  

Autumn/Winter Months 

  • Waterproof drawstring bag to bring wellies/waterproofs in*
  • Hat & gloves
  • Base layers to help keep children warm and/or additional fleece/outer layer (as determined by the weather)
  • Additional socks 

*Children should not arrive at school wearing wellies and should attend wearing appropraite footwear with a bag containing their wellies to change into.  This prevents the spread of mud throughout school. 

Where can I buy uniform? 

We want parents and carers to be able to purchase uniform easily and at an affordable price.   Wirral Uniform Centre has always traditionally supplied our school uniform and continue to stock our uniform. However, you can purchase uniform items from any other uniform supplier, including any supermarket/chainstore.   Both aforementioned uniform shops offer a reasonably priced embroidery service for any off the peg uniform items purchased, should you wish to add the school logo or your child's initials, although this is not mandatory for any uniform items. 










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