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Statutory Spelling Lists 

Most children read words more accurately than they can spell them.  The younger pupils are, the truer this is.  

Each year group has a list of statutory words they MUST know how to read and spell before the end of the respective year group.   You can find below links to these spelling lists and can also download a copy from the documents section below. 

Please go through any relevant list(s) with your child.  You may also wish to revisit any previous year group lists. 


Helping Your Child with Spellings at Home


 1. Encourage your child to ‘have a go’

Encourage your child to have a go at spelling a word. This will build confidence and practise spelling skills. Making mistakes is a natural part of learning, and if your child is comfortable knowing that they’re not going to get spellings right all the time, then they will be more likely to try out more adventurous words. Keep positive and upbeat.


2. Keep reinforcing phonics

Remind your child to use phonics as their first port of call for spelling a new word – even in Key Stage 2. Help them to really hear each individual sound in the word and choose a suitable spelling pattern.


3. Check your spelling

Remind children to read through their writing and check for spelling errors. They need to develop a feel for whether a word looks right. Help them to check words in a dictionary.


4. Encourage your child to read

When we read, we see words spelled correctly. The more we read, the more words we see.

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