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Our Geography Intent

At Townfield Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum and Development Matters in the EYFS. We have made some enhancements to our curriculum to ensure fieldwork and practical learning opportunities are built into our units. Anumber of our investigations involve observation, recording, presentation, interpretation and the evaluation of geographical information gathered outside of the classroom. Fieldwork has a strong emphasis on the local area, for example in Year 6 the children take part in a local river study, and in Year 4 the children take part in a local area investigation, with a focus on environmental change. Furthermore, the children are able to develop their geographical skills and understanding during woodland learning sessions.


We provide an Inclusive geography curriculum, ensuring those who have SEN and/or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged can all receive the same opportunities. More able learners are also given the  opportunities to excel in terms of their acquisition of long lasting knowledge and understanding and mastery of core geographical skills.


We have built our own scheme of work which adopts an enquiry focused approach to learning and teaching to develop our young geographers. Through enquiry our pupils not only build on the complexity of subject knowledge and understanding but become increasingly adept at critical thinking.Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. 


We structure learning in geography through big question led enquiries about relevant geographical topics, places and themes.  Our curriculum is therefore ‘knowledge rich’, with progressive milestones carefully mapped out from the Early Years Foundation stage to Year 6. Only in this way will knowledge become embedded and ‘sticky’ and ensure that our pupils can build on what they know and understand from one year to the next. Each geographical enquiry highlights both the objectives and anticipated outcomes of the investigation. They are carefully structured through the use of ancillary questions, to enable pupils to build their knowledge and understanding.


Through our geography curriculum the children will investigate the mixed urban area of Wirral they know as home. They will explore the relationship and interactions between people and the environment in which they liveto help develop children's curiosity in their immediate surroundings and the wider world. To build pupils’ cultural capital, they also study geography at national and global scalesto instil an interest, fascination and desire to investigate a variety of human and physical characteristics of different places, through purposeful research and careful questioning. Our core values; resilience, respect and responsibility are continually developed through all geography learning experiences.


Geography Curriculum 



Year 1 - What is the Geography of where I live?

Year 1 researched the human and physical features of the local area.


Year 2 - Why does it matter where my food comes from?


Year 2 explored the fair trade and the export of bananas from Costa Rica to the United Kingdom.


Year 3 - Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?


Year 3 developed their mapping skills whilst they researched the magnitude of earthquakes in New Zealand.


Year 4 - How and why is my local area changing?


Year 4 researched enviromental changes in the local area.


Year 5 - How do volcanoes affect the lives of the people who live near them?


Year 5 have explored how volcanos affect those who live near them.


Year 6 - What is a river?


Year 6 have learnt about rivers and the water cycle. 


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