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1C Art Rita Greer

Lesson: Art and design

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

We have been studying the work of a famous history artist called Rita Greer who painted her impression of what it was like during the Great Fire of London. We studied her work and researched facts about her and then created an artist appreciation page using a variety of media.

Rita Greer page(1).png
In our next lesson we, we experimented with charcoal and pencils to explore the different effects we could make using a variety of pressures, tones, shades, lines, and even smudging. We then used these skills to create an observational drawing of a Tudor house using charcoal.

Tudor houses with charcoal(1).png
In Lesson 3, we used our previous observation drawing to create a Tudor house using strips of black paper. This was more of a challenge than we thought it would be. We had to measure, cut and stick the strips using our knowledge of the different types of lines; straight, angled, thick, thin and spacing etc.

Tudor houses with strips(1).jpg

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