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1C Geography L3 following a route using directions

Lesson: Geography

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

Today we learnt how to use directions such as left, right, forwards, backwards to follow a route.

Using an aerial view map of our school grounds, we learned how to orient a map, describe which physical and human features we could see using phrases such as the woods are in front of us, the car park is on our right, the path is on our left. 
we then created a route by using our directions; walk forward and down the steps to the playground, turn left to walk up the path to the top playground, turn right and walk across the playground up to the fence, turn left and walk forwards to the bike shed. We also recorded our route onto our map before returning to our classroom.

we had so much fun doing this activity but we found orientating our maps quite tricky.

IMG_5259.jpeg   IMG_5260(1).jpeg   IMG_5261.jpeg   IMG_5262(1).jpeg   IMG_5263.jpeg   IMG_5264(1).jpeg   IMG_5265.jpeg   IMG_5266.jpeg   IMG_5267(1).jpeg  IMG_5268(1).jpeg   IMG_5269(1).jpeg   IMG_5270.jpeg

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