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1C PSHE Our families are different

Lesson: PSHE and citizenship

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

In this session, we read 2 books; by Leslea Newman – Mommy, Mama and Me and Daddy, Papa and me.  We discussed how the 2 families are different.  
We then discussed with a partner, who is in my family. We shared the names of people who are in their family and then drew a picture containing this information.
We then partnered up to look at and compare the two families.  How are they different?  How many different ways can you count? We discovered that we are also all the same in some ways.
Using a photograph ourselves, we had to place ourselves into a circle containing a label; My family enjoys eating pizza. My family likes burgers. We then discussed the possibility of liking both/neither. What would we do then?
We set up a Venn diagram using the circles by overlapping them. This meant that if we liked both, we placed ourselves into the middle section, if we liked neither we placed our photo on the outside of the Venn.
Throughout, we discussed that these are things that some families have in common and it os ok to have similarities as well as differences.

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