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1C PSHE - No Outsiders - Elmer

Lesson: PSHE and citizenship

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

We have been learning all about what No Outsiders means. It is all about everyone being unique, the same in some ways, having similarities and differences but ALL having the right to be included.
We read the story of Elmer who is an elephant who is not 'elephant colour'. Everybody in the jungle loved him, he always made them laugh and they played lots of fun games together. Every time Elmer walked through the jungle, he was greeted by all of the other animals. 
One day, Elmer got fed up of standing out so he rubbed elephant colour berry juice all over himself so that he would be just like all of the other elephants in the herd.
As he walked through the jungle, nobody greeted him or asked him to play; everybody just got on with their day. Elmer found this boring and did not really enjoy being exactly the same.Suddenly, a big raincloud burst and the berry juice wash washed away. Everybody laughed because they thought that this was the best joke he had ever made on them. Elmer realised that it was better being himself, everyone loved him just the way he was and he was never left out. 

The children really enjoyed this story and it generated a lot of discussion surrounding our similarities and differences and that nobody should ever be left out just because of a difference. 

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