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1C Science Animals including humans lesson 2

Lesson: Science

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

In lesson 2, we investigated how humans explore the world through their senses.

For this, we had to use our own senses.

Hearing; we played a game of listening bingo. We had to listen to the sounds being played, identify them and then cross them off our bingo board.

Sight; We had to draw a simple face with eyes and a mouth. We were then blindfolded and had to draw the same picture. When we compared the two, we realised just how important our sight is.

Smell; We had 6 pots with different types of foods inside. They were covered so that we could not see what was in the pots. We had to give the little pots a shake and then smell them. We then discussed what we thought was in there and had to match the smell with the labels on the table. We had, chocolate powder, curry powder, chopped onion, soap, coffee and toothpaste.

Touch; we had feely bags with objects inside that we had to touch and describe what we had hold of to a friend. We were not allowed to use our sense of sight, touch only and a detailed description. Inside the bags we had a banana, a wooden peg, a phone, an orange, blu tak, a rubber, scissors, a rock and a piece of ribbon. This was more difficult than it sounds as we had to really think about the materials that each of the items were made from.

Taste; This was our favourite! We learned all about the four main tastes that our taste buds can identify. Then we tasted some foods and had to record whether we thought it was salty, sour, bitter or sweet. We tasted a ready salted crisp (salty), a piece of 100% cocoa dark chocolate (bitter), a tiny dab of sugar (sweet) and a slice of lime (sour).
 IMG_5072.jpeg   IMG_5073.jpeg    IMG_5074.jpeg   IMG_5075.jpeg    IMG_5078.jpeg    IMG_5079.jpeg  IMG_5070.jpeg    IMG_5076.jpeg     IMG_5077.jpeg       
IMG_5079.jpeg    IMG_5080.jpeg     IMG_5081.jpeg  IMG_5082.jpeg    IMG_5083.jpeg     IMG_5084.jpeg  IMG_5085.jpeg    IMG_5086.jpeg     IMG_5091.jpeg  IMG_5090.jpeg     IMG_5089.jpeg B IMG_5088.jpeg  IMG_5087.jpeg     IMG_5093.jpeg    IMG_5094.jpeg  IMG_5096.jpeg     IMG_5097.jpeg    IMG_5099.jpeg   IMG_5100.jpeg     IMG_5101.jpeg    IMG_5102.jpeg   IMG_5103.jpeg     IMG_5104.jpeg    IMG_5105.jpeg   IMG_5106.jpeg     IMG_5107.jpeg

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