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1C - Visit from a witch

Lesson: English

Class: 1C - Mrs Carey Year: 2023 - 2024

On Tuesday morning, we were greeted with quite a mess in our reading corner; there were glitter and sparkles everywhere, sparkly footprints, a spell book on the bench, a witches hat was left on the floor, the teddies were all knocked over and there was a witches glove trapped in the window. We knew it must have been a witch because of the items that had been left behind. But, Why did she come in our room? What did she want? Was she a nasty witch? A friendly witch? What was she doing? Why did she leave?
We thought that she might have been lost or looking for a friend to go trick or treating with. We thought that she may have wanted to put a spell on us (a good one though) or maybe she was just cold? 

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We looked inside the spell book, and there was a note and a set of instructions. The note said; Please read the instruction on how to make a tower suitable for a with. My tower was obviously not a good tower because it got blown down in the wind. 
Can you please help me? I need ideas of how to make a good tower that will not be blown away. 

We had a discussion about what a good tower would be (strong, tall, sturdy, well hidden) and explored making towers using different equipment (paper, Lego, Kinex, books, glue sticks, linking spears and lolly sticks). This was not easy!

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