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1C - Mrs Carey: Gallery

1C week 9 weekly achievements

Date: 19th Nov 2023 @ 9:00pm

IMG_5192.jpeg   IMG_5193.jpeg  IMG_5194.jpeg   IMG_5195.jpeg   IMG_5166.jpeg   IMG_5165.jpeg

1C Art Lesson 2. Sketching portraits

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 8:24pm

In today's lesson we explored;
Tone and shade; we experimented by applying different types of pressures using our pencils to create different effects such as light, dark, lighter and darker.
We then practised drawing different types of lines such as thick lines, thin lines, curvy lines, zig zag lines etc.
Once we had completed our experimental stages, we went on to use the techniques to sketch our self-portraits. We observed the shape, size, tone and proportions of a partner's features by looking at each other and then used a mirror to observe the finer details of our own features.

  IMG_5141.jpeg  IMG_5142.jpeg   IMG_5144.jpeg   IMG_5145.jpeg    IMG_5146.jpeg  IMG_5147.jpeg  IMG_5148.jpeg    IMG_5149.jpeg  IMG_5150.jpeg   IMG_5151.jpeg    IMG_5152.jpeg   IMG_5153.jpeg  IMG_5154.jpeg    IMG_5155.jpeg   IMG_5156.jpeg  IMG_5157.jpeg    IMG_5158.jpeg   IMG_5159.jpeg  IMG_5160.jpeg    IMG_5161.jpeg   IMG_5162.jpeg   IMG_5163.jpeg    IMG_5164.jpeg

1C week 8 weekly achievements

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 9:07am

IMG_5113.jpeg   IMG_5112.jpeg   IMG_5111.jpeg
IMG_5110.jpeg   IMG_5109.jpeg

1C week 7 weekly achievements

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 9:06am

IMG_5004.jpeg  IMG_5003.jpeg
IMG_5001.jpeg   IMG_5002.jpeg    IMG_5027.jpeg

1C Science Animals including humans lesson 2

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 9:05am

In lesson 2, we investigated how humans explore the world through their senses.

For this, we had to use our own senses.

Hearing; we played a game of listening bingo. We had to listen to the sounds being played, identify them and then cross them off our bingo board.

Sight; We had to draw a simple face with eyes and a mouth. We were then blindfolded and had to draw the same picture. When we compared the two, we realised just how important our sight is.

Smell; We had 6 pots with different types of foods inside. They were covered so that we could not see what was in the pots. We had to give the little pots a shake and then smell them. We then discussed what we thought was in there and had to match the smell with the labels on the table. We had, chocolate powder, curry powder, chopped onion, soap, coffee and toothpaste.

Touch; we had feely bags with objects inside that we had to touch and describe what we had hold of to a friend. We were not allowed to use our sense of sight, touch only and a detailed description. Inside the bags we had a banana, a wooden peg, a phone, an orange, blu tak, a rubber, scissors, a rock and a piece of ribbon. This was more difficult than it sounds as we had to really think about the materials that each of the items were made from.

Taste; This was our favourite! We learned all about the four main tastes that our taste buds can identify. Then we tasted some foods and had to record whether we thought it was salty, sour, bitter or sweet. We tasted a ready salted crisp (salty), a piece of 100% cocoa dark chocolate (bitter), a tiny dab of sugar (sweet) and a slice of lime (sour).
 IMG_5072.jpeg   IMG_5073.jpeg    IMG_5074.jpeg   IMG_5075.jpeg    IMG_5078.jpeg    IMG_5079.jpeg  IMG_5070.jpeg    IMG_5076.jpeg     IMG_5077.jpeg       
IMG_5079.jpeg    IMG_5080.jpeg     IMG_5081.jpeg  IMG_5082.jpeg    IMG_5083.jpeg     IMG_5084.jpeg  IMG_5085.jpeg    IMG_5086.jpeg     IMG_5091.jpeg  IMG_5090.jpeg     IMG_5089.jpeg B IMG_5088.jpeg  IMG_5087.jpeg     IMG_5093.jpeg    IMG_5094.jpeg  IMG_5096.jpeg     IMG_5097.jpeg    IMG_5099.jpeg   IMG_5100.jpeg     IMG_5101.jpeg    IMG_5102.jpeg   IMG_5103.jpeg     IMG_5104.jpeg    IMG_5105.jpeg   IMG_5106.jpeg     IMG_5107.jpeg

1C Science - Animals including Humans - Body parts

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 8:50am

Our new topic in science this term is Animals including humans.                                                                                 

In lesson 1, we learned more about the human body, in particularly the body parts. We discovered that not EVERYONE has the same body parts.                                                                                                                     

We had lots of fun in this lesson; First we sang the song 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in lots of different ways, we even changed the body parts and got very muddled up! Then we played 'Simon Says' and then we went on to draw around a friend's body and labelled the parts that we could remember.

IMG_5005.jpeg   IMG_5006.jpeg   IMG_5007.jpeg  IMG_5008.jpeg   IMG_5009.jpeg   IMG_5010.jpeg  IMG_5011.jpeg   IMG_5012.jpeg  IMG_5013.jpeg   IMG_5014.jpeg  IMG_5015.jpeg   IMG_5016.jpeg IMG_5017.jpeg  IMG_5018.jpegBIMG_5020.jpeg

IMG_5021.jpeg   IMG_5022.jpeg

1C Poppies

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 8:44am

This week, we made Remembrance Day poppies using recycled bottles. 
Our poppies are going to be part of a display in the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool on Sunday.

We watched a short historical video that taught us all about the the church and why it is now called The Bombed Ot Church.

We also learned that it is no longer just used as a church these days, it hosts lots of fantastic music, art and religeous events throughout the year.

IMG_5065.jpeg   IMG_5066.jpeg   IMG_5067.jpeg

IMG_5068.jpeg   IMG_5069.jpeg

1C - English - Rapunzel

Date: 11th Nov 2023 @ 8:40am

We are using the story of Rapunzel as our English stimulus. We listened to the story and at different parts we explored how the characters might feel, move or what they might say and acted them out. We had so much fun with this and we laughed a LOT! What amazing actors we have in 1C! 

IMG_5040.jpeg   IMG_5037.jpeg   IMG_5042.jpeg   IMG_5039.jpeg


IMG_5038.jpeg   IMG_5041.jpeg   IMG_5043.jpeg    IMG_5044.jpeg


IMG_5045.jpeg   IMG_5046.jpeg   IMG_5047.jpeg   IMG_5048.jpeg 



1C Computing - using a trackpad to move items

Date: 1st Nov 2023 @ 9:49pm

Using a track pad to move objects

IMG_4757.jpeg   IMG_4758.jpeg   IMG_4759.jpeg  IMG_4760.jpeg   IMG_4761.jpeg   IMG_4762.jpeg   IMG_4763.jpeg   IMG_4764.jpeg   IMG_4765.jpeg   IMG_4766.jpeg   IMG_4767.jpeg    IMG_4768.jpeg

1C - Visit from a witch

Date: 1st Nov 2023 @ 9:25pm

On Tuesday morning, we were greeted with quite a mess in our reading corner; there were glitter and sparkles everywhere, sparkly footprints, a spell book on the bench, a witches hat was left on the floor, the teddies were all knocked over and there was a witches glove trapped in the window. We knew it must have been a witch because of the items that had been left behind. But, Why did she come in our room? What did she want? Was she a nasty witch? A friendly witch? What was she doing? Why did she leave?
We thought that she might have been lost or looking for a friend to go trick or treating with. We thought that she may have wanted to put a spell on us (a good one though) or maybe she was just cold? 

IMG_4926.jpeg   IMG_4927.jpeg   IMG_4928.jpeg   IMG_4929.jpeg   IMG_4930.jpeg   IMG_4931.jpeg  

We looked inside the spell book, and there was a note and a set of instructions. The note said; Please read the instruction on how to make a tower suitable for a with. My tower was obviously not a good tower because it got blown down in the wind. 
Can you please help me? I need ideas of how to make a good tower that will not be blown away. 

We had a discussion about what a good tower would be (strong, tall, sturdy, well hidden) and explored making towers using different equipment (paper, Lego, Kinex, books, glue sticks, linking spears and lolly sticks). This was not easy!

IMG_4932.jpeg       IMG_4939.jpeg    IMG_4938.jpeg IMG_4936.jpeg    IMG_4935.jpeg    IMG_4937.jpeg
IMG_4933.jpeg    IMG_4934.jpeg      
 IMG_4940.jpeg   IMG_4941.jpeg

1C Art - Lesson 1 -Andy Warhol

Date: 1st Nov 2023 @ 8:56pm

Our Art unit this term is Andy Warhol's Pop Art. We will be focusing on portraits using pop art and repeated images.

In lesson 1, we learned all about Who Andy Warhol is, what he is famous for and what his pop art looks like. We observed some of his famous pieces of art and discussed what we liked about them and how they made us feel. We also learned lots of facts about him and created our own fact file over a double page spread. 
We then used IPads to take portrait photographs of each other ready for printing to use later on in the unit.

IMG_4942.jpeg   IMG_4943.jpeg   IMG_4944.jpeg   IMG_4950.jpeg  IMG_4945.jpeg    IMG_4946.jpeg   IMG_4947.jpeg   IMG_4949.jpeg     IMG_4951.jpeg

    IMG_4951.jpeg   IMG_4952.jpeg     

IMG_4990.jpeg   IMG_4991.jpeg   IMG_4993.jpeg  IMG_4994.jpeg   IMG_4997.jpeg   IMG_4998.jpeg   IMG_4995.jpeg

1C DT a moving card

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:24pm

Leading on from learning all about levers and pivots and how they work, we designed our own greetings card. First, we had to think about who the card would be for and ensure that our design would be appealing, then we had to decide what type of card we were going to create (Christmas, Birthday, Good Luck etc) and then choose a mechanism.

In order to design our card, we had to consider what materials and equipment we would need and then draw and label our design.

From this, we made our cards, we paid close attention to our design to ensure that we stayed on track with our chosen product.

IMG_4839.jpeg   IMG_4840.jpeg   IMG_4841.jpeg   IMG_4842.jpeg   IMG_4843.jpeg   IMG_4875.jpeg   IMG_4876.jpeg   IMG_4877.jpeg   IMG_4878.jpeg   IMG_4879.jpeg


1C Science - Seasons

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:16pm

Over this half term, we have been studying the four Seasons. We have been thinking about what the weather is generally like, what events take place, what activities we may typically undertake during each season, what the trees look like and what types of clothing is usually worn. We have also been learning about the hours of daylight and how this changes throughout the seasons.

IMG_4797.jpeg   IMG_4798.jpeg   IMG_4799.jpeg    IMG_4800.jpeg   IMG_4801.jpeg   IMG_4802.jpeg   IMG_4802.jpeg   IMG_4804.jpeg   IMG_4805.jpeg

1C Week 6 weekly achievements

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:12pm

Friday 20th October

IMG_4883.jpeg   IMG_4880.jpeg  
IMG_4881.jpeg   IMG_4884.jpeg

1C Week 5 weekly achievements

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:11pm

Friday 13th October

  IMG_4777.jpeg   IMG_4775.jpeg   IMG_4776.jpeg   IMG_4779.jpeg    IMG_4780.jpeg    IMG_4783.jpeg   IMG_4784.jpeg    IMG_4782.jpeg

1C Week 4 weekly achievements

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:10pm

Friday 6th October
IMG_4810.jpeg   IMG_4806.jpeg
IMG_4809.jpeg   IMG_4808.jpeg
IMG_4807.jpeg   IMG_4701.jpeg

1C PSHE I am Unique

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:07pm

We have been learning all about ourselves, how we look, what we like and dislike, how similar we all are and how different we are. Inparticularly, how we are unique.

This discussion made us realise what makes us who we are; our interests and hobbies, how we look, our families and our characterisitics.

IMG_4900.jpeg    IMG_4901.jpeg    IMG_4902.jpeg  IMG_4903.jpeg   IMG_4904.jpeg    IMG_4905.jpeg    IMG_4906.jpeg   IMG_4907.jpeg    IMG_4908.jpeg  IMG_4909.jpeg


1C PSHE Trusted Adults

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 9:03pm

We have spent a few weeks learning how to keep ourselves safe.  We have learned the proper names for the private parts of the body.  We also talked about the NSPCC Pants song which teaches us about keeping what is in our pants private.  At Townfield, we identify who our trusted adults are both  in and out of school. 

IMG_4789.jpeg    IMG_4790.jpeg   IMG_4791.jpeg   IMG_4792.jpeg    IMG_4793.jpeg   IMG_4794.jpeg  IMG_4795.jpeg    IMG_4796.jpeg   IMG_4899.jpeg   IMG_4720.jpeg    IMG_4735.jpeg   IMG_4739.jpeg   IMG_4740.jpeg    IMG_4741.jpeg   IMG_4745.jpeg   IMG_4746.jpeg    IMG_4747.jpeg


1C PSHE - No Outsiders - Elmer

Date: 26th Oct 2023 @ 8:06am

We have been learning all about what No Outsiders means. It is all about everyone being unique, the same in some ways, having similarities and differences but ALL having the right to be included.
We read the story of Elmer who is an elephant who is not 'elephant colour'. Everybody in the jungle loved him, he always made them laugh and they played lots of fun games together. Every time Elmer walked through the jungle, he was greeted by all of the other animals. 
One day, Elmer got fed up of standing out so he rubbed elephant colour berry juice all over himself so that he would be just like all of the other elephants in the herd.
As he walked through the jungle, nobody greeted him or asked him to play; everybody just got on with their day. Elmer found this boring and did not really enjoy being exactly the same.Suddenly, a big raincloud burst and the berry juice wash washed away. Everybody laughed because they thought that this was the best joke he had ever made on them. Elmer realised that it was better being himself, everyone loved him just the way he was and he was never left out. 

The children really enjoyed this story and it generated a lot of discussion surrounding our similarities and differences and that nobody should ever be left out just because of a difference. 

IMG_4756.jpeg    IMG_4755.jpeg   IMG_4754.jpeg   IMG_4515.jpeg    IMG_4516.jpeg   IMG_4517.jpeg   IMG_4518.jpeg    IMG_4519.jpeg   

Food Bank Charles Thompson Mission Charity

Date: 11th Oct 2023 @ 4:10pm

We have been blown away by the amount of food that the families of Townfield have generously donated to Charles Thompson Mission charity! When the donations were collected on Tuesday, the volunteers from the charity said that our school had provided the biggest harvest that they had received this year! We thank you all very much for your ongoing support and generosity. You have helped so many people in need this harvest season.


1C Funky Fingers

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 9:06pm

Every morning during registration time, we have a variety of fine-motor control activities set out for us to use.

These activities help us to gain focus and attention as well as helping to strengthen our developing fine-motor muscles. This strengthens our hand-eye co-ordination which in turn, helps with our writing.

IMG_4580.JPG   IMG_4581.JPG      IMG_4583.JPG

IMG_4584.JPG   IMG_4648.JPG   IMG_4649.JPG   IMG_4650.JPG

IMG_4651.JPG   IMG_4652.JPG

1C Visit from Mabel

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 8:58pm

We have had a visit from Mabel.

She came to our classroom to listen to a story with us.

We had a little discussion about how and when to approach dogs in a safe way. When Mabel visits us, we have to try our best to stay quiet and calm. We must make sure that we approach her calmly, make sure that she is facing us by saying her name and we are only allowed to stroke her one at a time. We must never try to stroke her from behind because we could startle her.

"Mabel is so soft and fluffy"

"I was scared of dogs but I don't think I will be anymore"

"She is so cute"

" I love seeing Mabel because it is always nice and calm when she is here"

IMG_4538.JPG   IMG_4539.JPG   IMG_4540.JPG   IMG_4541.JPG


1C DT - Lesson 2 - Mechanisms - Sliders

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 8:34pm

In Lesson 2, we learned what a slider mechanism looks like, what it does and how it works.

We explored how a slider can be used in greetings cards and made a simple slider of our own. 

First, we used a ruler to draw two parallel lines. We had to bend our card and use scissors to cut the lines, making sure that we did not cut all the way to the end of the paper. This looked really easy but we found this part quite tricky so needed to help eachother. We then drew a little design on the end of a strip of card and weaved it through the track to create a moving slider.

IMG_4655.JPG   IMG_4657.JPG   IMG_4659.JPG   IMG_4658.JPG

IMG_4656.JPG   IMG_4662.JPG   IMG_4660.JPG   IMG_4661.JPG


1C DT - Mechanisms - Lesson 1 - Levers and pivots

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 8:09pm

Our DT unit this term is all about mechanisms.

By the end of this unit, we will have explored, observed and made a lever and pivot mechanism and a slider mechanism. From this, we will have designed, made and evaluated our very own moving greeting cards. 

In Lesson 1, we explored what a simple lever and pivot mechanism is. We needed to use split pins to create a lever and pivot on our prototype card.

IMG_4530.JPG   IMG_4531.JPG   IMG_4532.JPG   IMG_4533.JPG   

IMG_4535.JPG   IMG_4536.JPG   IMG_4537.JPG   IMG_4534.JPG

1C week 3 weekly achievements

Date: 3rd Oct 2023 @ 7:58pm

29th September 2023

golden tie.jpg   speller of the week.jpg  


   Numbots.jpg    Dojo winners.jpg PE award.jpg       Football trophy.JPG  IMG_4545.JPG


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